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Ukraine Yalta Sights - Yalta Zoo Fairy Tale - Lions Safari Park Taigan
Yalta Zoo "Fairy Tale" is the first in Ukraine private zoo. Today it is the largest zoo in the Crimea.
The story of Yalta Zoo begins in 1990. Near one of the attractions of Yalta - "Glade of Fairy Tales" was established cooperative zoo. This time visitors could look at yak, peacocks, bears and squirrels.

Yalta Zoo "Fairy Tale" was created by Oleg Zubkov in 1995. Currently "Fairy Tale" Zoo has more than 600 species of birds and 100 species of animals.

"Fairy Tale" Zoo is situated in a picturesque location close to the largest Crimean Wuchang-Su waterfall. Zoo was created without the participation of the state so that for implementing the plan took just a fantastic tenacity and dedication of its creators.

The whole atmosphere is permeated with a sense of mutual love between human and animals. The important that animals can be fed by visitors and food for animals you can buy at the stall near the ticket office inside the zoo.

Visiters of Yalta Zoo could view different animals: tigers, lions, bears, leopards, goats, camel, rabbits, guinea pigs and others. Birds are well represented: eagles, vultures, African and Australian ostriches. The greatest success of the visitors certainly enjoyed the monkeys.

The zoo is decorated with hundreds of beautiful bushes of roses which bloom from May to October. Festive atmosphere of spiritual elation successfully completes constantly sounding music in the frame of the majestic mountains of the Crimea. Comfort is not only to animals but also for visitors. You can eat a meal in a cozy cafe. Lovers of thrills could enjoy a cup of coffee in the cafe "Golden Dragon" face to face with a tiger.

One of the latest news from zoo life: May 6, 2012 in Yalta Zoo "Fairy Tale" the only one pair of white tigers in Ukraine gave birth to four white tigers. All were born healthy - three boys and one girl. One of the tigers has almost no black bars it is absolutely white. This is the first white tigers born in Ukraine history. Visitors of Yalta Zoo "Fairy Tale" can look and make pictures of this small white tigers.

Yalta Zoo Fairy Tail White Tigers

The history of white tigers in Ukraine began with a gift to the Yalta Zoo "Fairy Tale" white female tiger. So she was called "Tigryulya". Then white male tiger named "Patrice" came to the zoo from France. The relationship evolved from tigers is very difficult. Thanks to the efforts of members of Yalta Zoo managed to create a couple.

Be sure that you and especially your children will get a powerful charge of joy and good mood in Yalta Zoo "Fairy Tail".

But there's more news. In 2012 in the Belogorsk in the Crimea Oleg Zubkov created his new project - an unique Lions Park "Taigan".

This is the first lion park in Europe it have never been created before. About 50 African lions could freely live in more than 30 hectares of the Crimean foothills. Lions Park was created in the luxurious position of Crimea near the scenic reservoir "Taigan". Lions over five years collected from various zoos in Russia, Ukraine, Europe and some have been specially brought from the South African Republic.

Visitors of Lions Park "Taigan" can watch the lions in the nature of Crimea. Visitors can use bridges are located over the territory with lions. The length of bridges over the safari park is more than 1 kilometer.

In addition to Lion Safari Park "Taigan" there are children's mini-zoo as well as steady-state zoo with ungulates, mammals and birds.

In Lions Park "Taigan" has created a complete infrastructure for the rest of adults and children there are comfortable hotel, restaurants and entertainment facilities.

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