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Yalta Sights | Glade of Fairy Tales
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Ukraine Yalta Sights - Glade of Fairy Tales
"Glade of Fairy Tales" - is a unique museum of fabulous sculptures in the open air the only one in the Crimea but also in Ukraine established in 1970.

The history of this unique museum began much earlier. Back in 1923 Moscow petroleum-engineer Pavel Bezrukov seriously ill with tuberculosis and was forced to leave Moscow. In the hope of recovery he came to the southern coast of Crimea. He settled in Yalta at the foot of picturesque mountains near Wuchang-Su waterfall and rocks Stavri-Kai in a forest glade. Crimean climate is a miracle and healed him. After Second World War Pavel Bezrukov returned to "his glade" and turned it into a fairy-tale world.

Artistically gifted with no special education but endowed with a rich imagination he began to build wooden and other materials fabulous sculptures which installed around his house. Nearby there was a hut of Baba Yaga, cheerfully walked friendly Bob, Lapot and Straw. The huge head of Giant guarded this fairy-tale world, treacherous Chernomor and happy Pinocchio. Residents of Yalta and its guests with great interest had been to this fabulous area calling it "Glade of Fairy Tales." In 1960 this "Glade" has already been formed and began its short life. Unfortunately the sculptures of craftsmen have not been preserved because in the beginning of 1970 "Glade of Fairy Tales" was destroyed.

Under pressure from public opinion Yalta City Council decided to establish on the place of the destroyed "Bezrukov's Glade" - "Museum of Fairy Tales". Crimean Union of Artists instructed local sculptors to prepare sculptures of fairytale characters. On 31 of July 1970 was formally opened "Glade of Fairy Tales" and on 1st of August the first visitors arrived.

To create the first exposure were attracted mainly by professional sculptors from Simferopol and Yalta and then different sculptures were transported from all over the Soviet Union.

The uniqueness of "Glade of Fairy Tales" and its main difference from other museums - incredibly beautiful location: in the woods on the northeast slope of Mount Mogabi. "Glade of Fairy Tales" has beautiful view of the steep slopes of the main ridge of the Crimean Mountains, Wuchang-Su waterfall and rock Stavri-Kai. There is powerful positive energy and aesthetic background that making "Glade of Fairy Tales" an extraordinary place for visit. The main objective of "Glade" creators was to incorporate naturally every sculpture in the landscape.

The museum is primarily intended for children. Therefore in addition to the traditional excursions there are a meeting with live Baba Yaga and summer open-air theater where children could play with clowns, pirates and look at puppet show.

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