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Yalta Sights | Alexander Nevsky Cathedral
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Ukraine Yalta Sights - Alexander Nevsky Cathedral
Alexander Nevsky Cathedral - the main Orthodox Cathedral in Yalta and one of main attractions of the city.

Construction of Alexander Nevsky Cathedral has been inextricably linked with the Russian imperial family which the patron was Saint Alexander Nevsky. The cathedral was built in honor of Russian Emperor Alexander II.

The project of Alexander Nevsky Cathedral confirmed Alexander III himself. The first project developed in 1889 by architect Charles Eshlimon was not approved because there was no style of Ancient Russian architecture. Building Committee established on 1st of March 1890 led by the famous Yalta engineer and local historian Alexandre Berthier de Lagarde. Architects were famous Yalta architectors - Nikolai Krasnov and Platon Terebenev.

The Committee requested the Yalta City Council to take place for the cathidral construction near Livadia bridge. But it turned out that this place has brought the city a good income and therefore offered the place in the center of town at the foot of the mountain Darsan. Large plot of land was donated by Baron Alexander Wrangel. City Council has allocated for the construction of 6 000 rubles, the same amount donated by Major General Bogdan Khvoshchinskiy, wine manufacturers Ivan Tokmakov - 1000 rubles. Other citizens of Yalta brought as much as they could.

In laying the first stone in basement of Alexander Nevsky Cathedral on 1st of March 1891 - the day of the tenth anniversary of the death of the Emperor Alexander II - there was Empress Maria Fedorovna. The consecration of the cathedral took place on 4th of December 1902 with presence of Emperor Nicholas II and his family.

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral was built in two floors and is composed of two churches: the lower church of the Holy Martyr Artemiy with the capacity of 600-700 people and the upper main church in the name of Grand Duke Alexander Nevsky with a capacity of 1000-1200 people. In the south-eastern side of the cathedral placed a mosaic image of Saint Alexander Nevsky created by Venetian artist Antonio Salviati.

The two-storey open galleries Alexander Nevsky Cathedral built in the ancient Russian style and decorated with numerous decorative elements: pilasters, kiottsami, portals, hearts. White and pink hues give the cathedral an elegance. Near the cathedral was built three-storey tower and 11 bells which were cast in Moscow as a gift to Alexander Nevsky Cathedral of the merchant Nicholas Stakheev. Icons for the сathedral were written by masters of the Mstera in Vladimir province.

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral is a wonderful example of ancient Russian architecture in Ukraine.

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