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Utes Sights | Karasan Palace
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Ukraine Utes Sights - Karasan Palace
Large two-story Karasan palace in the moorish-style is in the middle of the park on the shore of Partenit bay. Belonged to the Rajewski family who got this part of the estate from General Borozdin.

The palace name comes from the Persian province of Khorasan which nature and architecture impressed Rajewski during his trip to Persia. The word "Karasan" associated with the Persian "Khorasan" translated literally means "sunrise". Construction of the Karasan palace was engaged by Michael Rajewski - Nikolay Rajewski's son. He was a famous horticulturist.

Michael Rajewski was built in 1885-1887 in Karasane at his own expense a wonderful palace in oriental style - magic under the bright summer sun, dome, turrets, stucco and wood carvings.

Stone Karasan palace was designed by architect Eshliman. The model for its establishment has served the ancient palace of the XVII century in Isfahan (Iran). Although the external design of Rajewski palace dominates the moorish style the details are borrowed from the baroque, crimean tatar and russian architecture.

Michael Rajewski has invested considerable effort in creating a unique Karasan park. Great help to him done by directors Nikita Botanical Gardens - Gartvis and Fisher. Work on the tab of the park led the famous horticulturist Libo. Exotic plants and groves give the park a natural harmony of the natural landscape. In front of the Karasan Palace there is mighty 200-year-old cedar. Aleppo pine trees bowed beautifully trunks and branches to the sea. There is a cypress alley in the eastern part of the park known as Alexandr Pushkin's alley. On Pushkin avenue tops of cypress trees come together in a unique natural roof that towering to a height of 10 meters and protect from direct sun.

According to legend for Karasan Palace construction was used the stones from the demolished historic building at Bear Mountain. Only after the complete removal of this building it became clear that these ruins are the remains of the medieval christian church. Next Rajewski family chased misfortune and the largest of which was that they have not had children. Only after the wall of Karasan Palace was decorated with Virgin Mary bas-relief - in Rajewski family finally was born a first-born.

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