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Utes Sights | Countess Gagarina Palace | Cape Plaka
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Ukraine Utes Sights - Countess Gagarina Palace - Cape Plaka
At Cape Plaka in a shady park there is Countess Gagarina Palace with a peaked roof, towers and narrow windows like a knight's castle. The palace was built in the early twentieth century by Countess Anastasia Gagarina. Above the main entrance - Gagarin's family coat with an inscription in Latin: "Antiquity is the Force".

Wherever they appeared all admired this beautiful couple - Alexander and Tasso. The Governor-General of Kutaisi Alexander Gagarin met 27-year-old princess in the salon of her mother Manana Orbeliani and fell in love. Anastasia's heart responds love return.

Three years of married life passed like a day. Alexander said Anastasia about his first wife Mary and about her father - the governor of the Crimea Andrei Borozdin and their estate in Kuchuk Lambat (now known as Utes). He promised that as soon as the events in Georgia will be peaceful they have built in Kuchuk Lambat the castle and will live there.

Comforting Catherine Chavchavadze whose husband was killed Anastasia has no idea what terrible news waiting for her. One day in Kutaisi comes the news of the misfortune that happened to Alexander. Alexander Gagarin was mortally wounded by Prince of Svanetia.

Anastasia more than two months did not leave her room. Her mother Manana praying asking God that her daughter has not lost her mind. Once Anastasia appears in the living room and said that he was going to the estate of her husband in Kuchuk Lambat. His mother tried to dissuade her daughter but Tasso was adamant. In the summer of 1857 a young widow Anastasia Gagarina has moved permanently to the estate of Kuchuk Lambat.

She lived in seclusion devoting himself entirely to the care of the estate in Kuchuk Lambat and not married anymore. In 1902 at the age of 70 years Countess Gagarina began building a new palace. She invited by the famous architect Nikolai Krasnov for the design of the palace and Alexander Nevsky church. In addition to the magnificent palace of dreams in memory of her husband Alexander Gagarin Countess Gagarina built a hospital. The doctors has provided free medical care to residents of nearby villages.

In 1907 when construction was completed the Countess Anastasia Gagarina passed away. She is buried in the courtyard house of the Alexander Nevsky church.

Countess Gagarina Palace is very close to fantastic Cape Plaka. Smooth Cape Plaka on the top - it's a great area with beautiful views of the coast and Black sea ("Plaka Cape" from Greek language means "flat cape"). A delightful view of Ayu-Dag, Kuchak-Lambat Bay, parks and mountains enthralls.

The park is located around Countess Gagarina palace is a park of XIX century and is widely regarded as one of the oldest on the southern coast of Crimea - was created in in 1812 in Alexander Borozdin's estate - Kuchuk Lambat. In the park of Gagarina Palace grows over 200 varieties of unique plants from the Mediterranean, Japan and South America. The pride of Gararina Park - yew of millennial age and 800-year-old boxwood. Now Cagarina Park has over 16 000 evergreen trees and shrubs (laurel, barberry, mimosa, livadia cedar and others).

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