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Sumy Sights | Romantic Gazebo
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Ukraine Sumy Sights | Romantic Gazebo
In front of Sumy Museum of Local Lore (Sumy Zemstvo) in a small park there is amazingly beautiful wooden Romantic Gazebo which is impressive abundance of beautiful and skillfully carved wood. Near Romantic Gazebo loving couples assign a date as well as take part dances and concerts in the open air.

At the end of XIX century Saint Petersburg scientists have come to the conclusion - in Sumy must be large oil deposits. So they came in Sumy and visited Sumy District Council (Zemstvo) for a permit for oil drilling operations. The place for drilling was given to them in front of Sumy District Council (Zemstvo) on the square. Soon here was appeared an oil well but oil was not found.

Abandoned oil well possibly could become the most ugly place in center of Sumy. But the situation around oil well was saved by merchant of the second guild, relative of Ivan Kharitonenko - Joseph Leszczynski. He created the small garden which he presented to inhabitants of Sumy and attached to the garden the piece of land with non-oil well. By order of Joseph Leszczynski the well was closed by steel plate and on its place in the second half of XIX century was built Romantic Gazebo.

The author of the project of Romantic Gazebo was Matvey Schaveliiv. He worked as a draftsman in Sumy District Council (Zemstvo). Near Romantic Gazebo was planted alleys of threes and on weekends played brass band. Soviet Revolution and Second World War did not affect the beautiful symbol of Sumy - Romantic Gazebo.

As many years ago now in Romantic Gazebo orchestra plays during summer evenings and dancing pairs rotate in rhythm of old waltz.

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