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Sumy Sights | Museum of Local Lore (House of Sumy Zemstvo)
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Ukraine Sumy Sights | Museum of Local Lore (House of Sumy Zemstvo)
The building of Sumy Museum of Local Lore had the primary purpose as Sumy District Council (Sumy Zemstvo) which was built by local craftsmen. Architect Karl Scholz in the years of 1884-1886 has developed a design for the building of Sumy Zemstvo. While building process in the arches of the entrance of Sumy Zemstvo had found cracks in the masonry. So Sumy District Council (Sumy Zemstvo) was invited author of the project Karl Scholz who issued recommendations for strengthening masonry arches.

In addition to Sumy District Council (Sumy Zemstvo) departments like technical, accountant, agronomic, economic and others - were facilities for general congress, military and rural offices. In the basement of Sumy District Council (Sumy Zemstvo) were household services, library and a prison for prisoners.

On the facade of Sumy District Council (Sumy Zemstvo) there are four caryatids (a sculpted female figure serving as an architectural support taking the place of a column or a pillar supporting an entablature on her head). Two of them in their left hand holding a sheaf, right hand raise high above their heads, two others hold in the right hand cylinder and near their left feet - "gear". All four caryatids symbolize the development of agriculture and industry.

In 1905 during the First Russian Revolution Sumy District Council (Sumy Zemstvo) became a center of revolutionary events. It was the headquarters of the revolutionary forces of Sumy. In 1920 in the building located Council of National Economy , in 1939 here was the school and Institute of Teachers. Finally in 1974 was opened Sumy Museum of Local Lore.

Sumy District Council (Sumy Zemstvo) and Railroad in Sumy

The need of railroad through Kharkiv province of Russian Empire which included Sumy appeared in the second half of XIX century due to the fact that here was the large sugar factories which ensured the supply of sugar not only for all Russian Empire but also export abroad.

However the railroad came in Sumy not easy. In order to reduce government spending the railroad did not dare to lay through most major cities and settlements as the land around them were more expensive than at the periphery. At the same time local businessmen were interested in the fact that the railroad was held close to their factories. Therefore each district council tried to adjust the route of the future railway for needs of local businessmen.

Akhtyrka Zemstvo contacted Provincial Authorities and Ministry of Railways and managed to bring the railway line close to the district center for only 20 kilometers. Sumy District Council (Sumy Zemstvo) has made the change of railroad route to the border of Sumy. It became possible because Sumy businessmen have invested a lot of money in railroad construction. Most of their investments were in the land through which was built the railroad to Sumy. For example, Sumy Sugar King Ivan Kharitonenko invested 500 000 Russian Empire rubles so the railroad was connected to his Pavlovsky Refinery Sugar Factory providing a comfortable transportation system for the businessman.

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