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Sumy Sights | Monument to Refined Sugar
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Ukraine Sumy Sights | Monument to Refined Sugar
Monument to Refined Sugar opened in 2010 to the 355th anniversary of Sumy. The monument is located on Intercession Square opposite to Monument to Ivan Kharitonenko - Sugar King which is connected with "Sugar" fame of Sumy prosperity in 19th century.

In 19th century the sugar was compressed into small cubes so this form was chosen by sculptors Victor Dovgolyuk and Alexey Shevchenko for Monument to Refined Sugar. According to the authors the monument symbolizes the universe and stability and the top of the monument - the high status of the person who develop Sumy following the motto of Kharitonenko family "By work - exalt". On a large refinery cube tourists and guests of Sumy could climb by small spiral stone ladder. The height of Monument to Refined Sugar is 2,4 meters.

All inhabitants of Sumy know about Kharitonenko family. The founder of the family Ivan Kharitonenko by mind, work, perseverance created "Empire of Sugar" with the center in Sumy. Developing the sugar business Ivan Kharitonenko rebuilt and developed Sumy on his own funds. His contribution to the spiritual, cultural and social life of a small provincial town became the key to the rapid development of Sumy. In our time the grateful residents of Sumy created a monument in honor of Ivan Kharitonenko. Monument to Ivan Kharitonenko recalls the glory days of his "Sugar Empire" which no longer exists. Today in Sumy not produced the sugar.

Authors of Monument to Refined Sugar Victor Dovgolyuk and Alexey Shevchenko decided to make the monument of cubes using lime stone the size of 48 x 48 x 48 cm. Limestone in Slavic mythology is an energy stone from which the churches was built and made iconic sculptures. For Monument to Refined Sugar was decided to set up the ladder of steps of the size of 15 cm which lead to the top of the monument. The spiral symbolizes the push for continuous development and gives hope for renewal and revival of sugar industry in Sumy.

One element of Monument to Refined Sugar is a metal cube. Cube itself is made of metal of destroyed sugar factories. Over time rust of that cube will drain down the monument symbolizing mourning for the mindless destruction of sugar factories.

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