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Sumy Sights | Holy Transfiguration Cathedral
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Ukraine Sumy Sights | Holy Transfiguration Cathedral
One of the most magnificent cathedrals of Sumy is Holy Transfiguration Cathedral. Its golden dome with three-meter sculptures of the apostles and evangelists, majestic and graceful 56 meters bell tower with chimes - visible from anywhere in the city. The existence of Holy Transfiguration Cathedral dates back to 60s of the XVII century.

The first wooden Holy Transfiguration Church was located to the north of the current cathedral, close to the river and near the castle wall. After one of Tatars invasions in 1659 during large fire in Sumy it burned down. But in 1694 at the same place colonel Gerasim Kondratyev rebuilt Holy Transfiguration Cathedral. This cathedral lasted for 60 years.

On 13th of July 1776 was laid first stone in the basement of new stone Holy Transfiguration Cathedral. Construction of Holy Transfiguration Cathedral lasted twelve years and he was consecrated on 12th of October 1788.

The building of stone bell tower was started on 15th of July 1797 and completed in 1801. For a variety of reasons because of the poor quality of construction materials and low skills of builders - in 1812 began rebuilding of the bell tower. In 1821 all the buildings of Holy Transfiguration Cathedral have been completed.

Major benefactors of the newly built Holy Transfiguration Cathedral were Jacob Shubsky, Evdokia Parafievskaya, Fyodor Filonenko, Elena Kramarenko, Philip Sidorenko, Andrei Kopylov, Theodore Stoyanov and Matthew Aleynikov.

The present appearance of Holy Transfiguration Cathedral acquired after major refurbishment carried out during 1882-1892 years on base of design by architect of Kharkiv - professor Michail Lovtsov. In the beginning was added to Holy Transfiguration Cathedral new three-tiered bell tower. In the corners of the roof of the dome of the bell tower - mounted figures of the four Evangelists: Luke, Mark, John and Matthew. Three-meter cast iron sculptures were cast at Sumy plant "Volcano". In the top of the bell tower placed tower-clock hitters hours and half hours with dials on all four sides. Clockwork with chimes exactly the same as on the Spasskaya Tower of the Kremlin in Moscow and made by same company "Brothers Butenop".

Along the edges of the roof of the main temple of Holy Transfiguration Cathedral there are four cast-iron sculptures about four meters tall. They also cast in Sumy plant "Volcano". To the south-east facing figure of Apostle Peter and to the north-east - Apostle Pavel. The two figures facing to the south-west and north-west - Saint Prince Vladimir. Why two sculptures are exactly the same today remains a mystery. Reconstruction of Holy Transfiguration Cathedral was carried out by means of Sumy merchants Dimitry and Nikolay Sukhanov.

The main shrine of Holy Transfiguration Cathedral is Korsun Icon. Since its acquisition in Shpilevka which is 25 km from Sumy was constantly at Intercession Church of that village. After 1917 Korsun Icon was removed from Intercession Church and placed in the art museum. During a fire in 1930 in the museum Korsun Icon was miraculously intact. This case was made to museum staff much impression so they decided to return Korsun Icon in Intercession Church. But as Intercession Church in Shpilevka at that time was already destroyed Korsun Icon was placed in Holy Transfiguration Cathedral in Sumy where it remains to this day.

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