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Sumy Sights | Children Park Fairy Tale
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Ukraine Sumy Sights | Children Park Fairy Tale
Children Park Fairy Tale was opened in 1985 to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Soviet Union Victory in Second World War. Design of Children Park Fairy Tale was planned by Michail Lushpa and architect Vladimir Uhan. Michail Lushpa invited to participate in the construction of the park almost all inhabitants of Sumy: businesses, artists, school children and students. But the main construction work was done by workers of Sumy Machine Building Research and Production Association name Frunze. They built castles, ponds, large and small sculptures and architectural forms. In one of the lakes was anchored mini-model of the ship with all rigging.

The openning of Children Park Fairy Tale was celebration of all Sumy inhabitants. So small children in Sumy had their own "Tale" - with ancient fortresses, wooden suspension bridges, clear lakes, fairy tale characters embodied in sculptures. The park was equipped with swings of different designs, fountains, flower beds with luxurious colors and children attractions - "Orbit", "Funny Roller Coaster", "Sun" and others.

In Children Park Fairy Tale were located a sports complex, stone castle and children cafe. For children and their parents were opened doors of "Laughter Rooms". Here worked the entertainment area for kids with trampolines, electric cars and water attractions. On the alleys of Children Park Fairy Tale there are sculptures-heroes of favorite fairy tales: Prince Ivan and his Tsarevna-Frog, Guslar Sadko, Emelja on Stove, terrible Baba Yaga , Mowgli with a black panther Bagheera. All sculptures made of concrete by sculptor Bogdan Lyuklyan.

At the entrance of Children Park Fairy Tale meets a giant Puss in Boots on a high pedestal. In the early years of his life Puss in Boots took off his hat bowed to the guests of the park. Today the mechanism of Puss in Boots does not work.

Children Park Fairy Tale was considered one of the best parks of its kind in Soviet Union, was the pride and beauty of Sumy. In modern time the park is carried out on support of Sumy patrons and businessmen.

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