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Ukraine Sevastopol Sights - Sevastopol Defense Panorama
Sevastopol Defense Panorama devoted heroism of the defenders of Sevastopol during the Eastern (Crimean) War of 1853-1856. This war was the largest European military campaign in the XIX.

It was fought between Russian Empire and a military alliance of Turkey, Great Britain, France and Kingdom of Sardinia (Italy). Participating countries fought for spheres of influence in Europe, Caucasus, Middle East, Near East and Asia Minor. But with the fall of 1854 the main effort of the Allies concentrated against the Crimea in order to destroy the Black Sea Fleet and its main base - Sevastopol.

Heroic defenders of Sevastopol repelled the strongest armies in Europe during 349 days. It shocked whole world!

Sevastopol Defense Panorama is currently the only one in Ukraine and one of the largest of 60 panoramas of the world.

As a work of art Sevastopol Panorama is a huge picture of the size (length are surrounded by 115 meters, height 14 meters) supplemented by objective plan (area of about 1000 square meters) and situated in a cylindrical building with an observation deck at the center.

In 1901 to mark the 50th anniversary of Defense of Sevastopol it was decided to memorializing the feat of the defenders on a scenic panorama canvas. Government ordered the artwork of Franz Roubaud.

The work over Sevastopol Defense Panorama was carried out during 1901-1904 - first in Sevastopol and then in Munich where France Roubaud lived. In Sevastopol Sevastopol Defense Panorama building was constructed under the project of the military engineer Colonel Enberg. On 27th of May Sevastopol Defense Panorama by the name "Assault June 6, 1855" was opened to the public.

During the Great Patriotic War on 25th of June 1942 during the Nazi air raid and artillery fire began to burn the building of Sevastopol Defense Panorama. During the rescue artistic canvas was cut into pieces. Was rescued 86 pieces - 2/3 pictures. "Tashkent" ship brought them pieces of Panorama to Novorossiysk and then to Novosibirsk.

After Second World War it was a idea of restoration of Sevastopol Defense Panorama. Academics of painting and experienced conservators examined saved fragments and decided that restored fragments should be used as the basis for reconstruction of the Panorama on the new canvas.

Academician Vasiliy Yakovlev, Professor Pavel Sokolov-Scalia and 17 Moscow artists worked to recreate the panorama from 1951 to 1954. According to the project of architect Victor Petropavlovskiy the building of Sevastopol Defense Panorama has been restored and reconstructed. On 16th of October 1954 for the 100th anniversary of the heroic defense of Sevastopol - Sevastopol Defense Panorama was re-opened under the new name "Defence of Sevastopol 1854-1855".

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