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Romny Sights | Monument to Golden Pig
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Ukraine Romny Sights | Monument to Golden Pig
The first Monument to Golden Pig with the words "To the pig from grateful inhabitants of Romny" was established on 1st of April 2000 in Romny on Fool's Day during First National Festival of Humor "Lovers of Salo". The festival took part under the slogan "We are against the beastliness but for the development of pig-breeding".

Salo is a traditional Eastern European food consisting of cured slabs of fatback of pork belly with or without skin. The word "salo" is used in Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. Ukrainian salo uses salt, garlic and black pepper. To taste salo is needed with brown tommy, garlic or onions as Ukrainian traditional food.

Monument to Golden Pig installed on the money of donations of local inhabitants of Romny in one of the oldest parks in Ukraine - Romny Park founded more than 130 years ago. On a low pedestal sits a classic fattened pig. The idea of Monument to Golden Pig and festival "Lovers of Salo" belongs to Romny mayor Victor Strelchenko.

The idea of Monument to Golden Pig became as a result of excavations of Kiev archaeologists who discovered a lot of pig bones in the excavation houses of Mongol-Tatar Era. The archaeologists concluded that Mongols were took all products from local settlers but not pigs because the pig for them was filthy animal. So that way pigs saved the population of Romny and other villages from hunger. Grateful descendants decided to immortalize the pig feat in Monument to Golden Pig.

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