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Romny Sights | Ascension Church
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Ukraine Romny Sights | Ascension Church
Ascension Church - historic church in Romny is sample of High Classicism of the late XVIII-XIX centuries, one of the valuable historical and architectural monuments of Romny. Ascension Church is round in shape with three domes and circular gallery.

Ascension Church has a unique plan of spatial composition - on the longitudinal axis of the east-west there are cylindrical volumes covered by spherical domes. Along the entrance and the altar - two small towers topped by spherical domes.

Stone bell tower of Ascension Church located further south and on the first floor of it there is Three Saints Church. The bell tower was created as a synthesis of architectural styles - classicism and baroque.

Ascension Church History

The first wooden Ascension Church was built back in 1700 by order of Kiev Metropolitan Barlaam Yasinskiy and considered to be placed near Romny because it was at that time outside the city walls.

Subsequently in 1753 near Ascension Church was built a wooden Church of Saint Barbara that later become the bell tower.

On 10th of May 1795 was laid the first stone in basement of stone Ascension Church. Major construction work was completed in 1797 but after a while the central cylinder of the church suddenly collapsed and for its restoration invited the same builder who built the church for the first time (his name is unknown). Ascension Church was consecrated on 21st of July 1801.

In 1804 by funding of a local merchant Vasily Trojan Church of Saint Barbara was rebuilt. Wooden iconostasis in the church made by Ivan Babitskiy.

In 1814 in the place of the choir of Ascension Church housed the altar in the name of Saint Barbara and Church of Saint Barbara consecrated as Three Saints Church. Above it was built a small single-tiered bell tower.

In 1895 over the bell tower was created the second storey with dome in style of Neo-Baroque. In Ascension Church in 1896 was opened a parish school.

In Soviet Union times Ascension Church was closed and partially destroyed.

In the early 1990s Ascension Church was returned to Romny religious community. Restoration of Ascension Church continues to this day.

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