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Poltava Sights | Rotunda of Peoples Friendship or White Gazebo
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Ukraine Poltava Sights | Rotunda of Peoples Friendship or White Gazebo
Within Poltava Old Fortress in place of Podolsky bastion in 1909 was built White Gazebo dedicated to the 200th anniversary of Battle of Poltava in 1709. In Podolsky bastion there was the meeting of Tsar Peter The Great with the artisans on the second day after Battle of Poltava. According to other legend a local blacksmith in this place expertly shod tsar's horse who lost a horseshoe during Battle of Poltava. So this legend has led to the appearance of White Gazebo in form of horseshoe is said to bring good luck.

During World War II the Nazis dismantled White Gazebo arranging on its place anti-aircraft artillery point.

In 1954 the idea of renewal of White Gazebo was given by chief architect of Poltava Lev Vayngort. Horseshoe-shaped with colonnade of eight columns height of nine meters recreated the former White Gazebo with the only difference being that the new gazebo was given a new name - "The Rotunda of Friendship" - in honor of the 300-year anniversary of the reunification of Ukraine and Russia.

There is a funny story about new White Gazebo creation. The Secretary of Propaganda of Poltava Communist Party has come to see White Gazebo with an important person from the Central Committee of CPSU ( b). The Secretary of Propaganda telling Moscow's high guest that here in Poltava for the 300th anniversary of the unification of Ukraine and Russia will open a memorial rotunda celebrating not only this anniversary date but also symbolizes the unbreakable union of the 15 republics of USSR. The Moskow's guest was surprised noting that in the construction of the rotunda has only 8 columns and in Soviet Union there are 15 republics. Where are else 7 columns?... For a moment it was a silence then the chief architect of Poltava Lev Vayngort said that there are 8 columns... but there are 7 gaps between coilumns so in total there will be 15 places to put 15 coats of arms of Soviet republics. Suddenly the idea of the architect in his improvisation impressed Moscow's Communist Party worker and he approved the final project. However thanks to the same architect Lev Vayngort White Gazebo has not been decorated with coats of arms of Soviet Union republics.

Here near White Gazebo come to meet graduates of Poltava schools, higher education institutions and the couple at a good tradition uncork the champagne to celebrate a new marriage.

Guests and visitors of Poltava can read on the inside of White Gazebo words of the great Poltava poet Ivan Kotlyarevsky: "Where there is a harmony in the family, where peace and calm - there are happy people and blessed place".

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