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Poltava Sights | Poltava Dumplings Monument
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Ukraine Poltava Sights | Poltava Dumplings Monument
Poltava Dumplings Monument personifying the wealth and well-being of the Family and is a huge bowl with already prepared twelve dumplings and a big spoon on a pedestal in the form of a wooden table.

The creators of Poltava Dumplings Monument as a unique symbol of Poltava are artist Anatoly Chernoshchyokov and sculptor Nikolay Tsys.

Near Poltava Dumplings Monument on Cathedral Square is held annually Dumplings Festival. During the festival visitors and guests of Poltava could enjoy dumplings with meat, cheese, sour cream, liver, potatoes with bacon, with different spices and look at culinary competition on cooking the most delicious dumplings of Poltava.

Also take place different concerts, contests, theatrical shows based on the poems of Ivan Kotlyarevsky and Nikolay Gogol as well as the exhibition "History of Poltava Dumplings".

In May 2008 the 19-year-old student of Poltava University of Consumer Cooperatives Gennady Chipko set a record for Ukraine Guinness Book of speed of dumplings eating - he ate a portion of twelve dumplings for 52,3 seconds.

Poltava Dumplings Monument is a point of visiting of local wedding couples. So in Poltava there is an interesting tradition - the bride and groom are photographed at Poltava Dumplings Monument and one member of the couple sits down in a spoon and the second - holds on the spoon handle. There is a believe that which person from couple touch the spoon handle and hold it on - will be the head of the family.

Recipe of Poltava Dumplings

500 g of wheat flour, 2 eggs , 1,5 cups of water, salt, baking soda. Knead the dough of medium density. Roll out the dough of1-1,5 cm thick and cut into strips of 3 cm wide then from the strips pinch off small pieces and thrown into the boiling water (milk, broth).

The real taste of Poltava Dumplings could be only with unique Poltava Dumpling Sauce.

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