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Poltava Sights | Monument to Poltava Commandant Alexey Kelin and Defenders of Poltava
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Ukraine Poltava Sights | Monument to Poltava Commandant Alexey Kelin and Defenders of Poltava
In 1909 during the celebration of the 200th anniversary of Battle of Poltava in the presence of Emperor Nicholas II was opened majestic Monument to Poltava Commandant Alexey Kelin and Defenders of Poltava. The author of the monument is general Alexander Bilderling, sculptures made by the famous sculptor of animal style - Artemy Ober.

Commandant Alexey Kelin and Poltava Defense

Alexey Kelin began to fight with Swedes in the beginning of Great Northern War in the Baltic. His regiment was called "Kelin's" (next it was called "Tver") distinguished on the battles of Erestferom, Noteburg, Dorpat and Narva. During the war "Kelin's" regiment took part in the construction of the new Kiev-Pechersk Fortress.

When Great Northern War was transferred on Ukraine territory "Kelin's" regiment was stationed in Okhtyrka. Soon Alexey Kelin received orders to move to Poltava where by the opinion of Peter The Great - should be attack of Swedes.

On 19th of January 1709 Alexey Kelin with his regiment came in Poltava. In addition to Commandant Alexey Kelin in the defense of Poltava was involved more than 60 officers. Commandant Alexey Kelin was assisted by colonel Timophey Treden and Ivan Shamordin, fortification security has been entrusted to the military engineer Andrey Telepnev.

The inhabitants of Poltava procured gunpowder and manufacturing of bombs, were prepared boilers, resin, stones and brought products and supplies. In the wooden Poltava Fortress were only 28 cannons.

The Swedes come to Poltava and began the siege on 1st of April 1709. On this day they tried to make quick attact but failed. The first major assault made by King Charles XII on 3rd of April 1709 but relatively easy to Poltava garrison repulsed the attack and the Swedes retreated. Understanding that the siege will need more time King Charles XII gave orders to General Gellenkrok to begin engineering work with mine warfare. On underground passages of Swedes who were digging by cossacks of Ivan Mazepa and Kost Gordienko - the garrison and inhabitants answered by digging counter-underground passages.

The most powerful assault of Poltava was on 25th of May 1709 when the Swedes captured part of the fortifications. But Alexey Kelin orders to build a new line of defense of the linked chains of barrels with dirt and the Swedes were stopped and dropped.

With approached to Poltava Tsar Peter The Great with the army began unique correspondence between Tsar and Commandant Alexey Kelin - each side send letters in hollow cannonballs shot by the cannon. Also were used for communication local cossacks who knew the area around Poltava.

While preparing for a decisive battle King Charles XII had to take Poltava and Poltava Fortress so on 21st and 22nd of June 1709 Poltava defenders experienced one of the most powerful assault and Tsar Peter The Great actually allowing Alexey Kelin with garrison and inhabitants of Poltava to leave the city but yet asked to hold on.

Inhabitants of Poltava with soldiers were able to keep their town and Poltava Fortress - they did everything they could. Under the walls of Poltava Fortress Swedes lost only killed 6176 people - the fifth of the army of King Charles XII. A lot of officers and King Charles XII himself were wounded during the siege. The loss of the garrison and the inhabitants of Poltava during the siege - 1186 were killed and 1728 wounded.

After final victorious Battle of Poltava Tsar Peter The Great proceeded to Poltava where at triumphal arch met Commandant Alexey Kelin and Poltava inhabitants. In a hundred years on this site architect Thoma de Tomon created the main monument of Poltava - Monument of Glory of Battle of Poltava.

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