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Novy Svet Sights | Golitsyn Trail Track | Chaliapin Grotto | Kapchik Cape
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Ukraine Novy Svet Sights - Golitsyn Trail Track - Chaliapin Grotto - Kapchik Cape
Golitsyn Trail Track (Falcon Trail Track) - a mountain trail carved on a hillside Koba-Kaya is located to the south-west of Novy Svet village in Crimea. Golitsyn Trail was built in 1912 for the visit of Tsar Nicholas II on the orders of Prince Lev Golitsyn by turkish workers. The length of Golitsyn Trail Track is around 5 kilometers and time is needed to make round-trip around 2 hours.

Tsar Nicholas II visited the estate of Lev Golitsyn in 1912 with his family. It is believed that after Tsar Nicholas II visit of Paradise (the so-called settlement where Prince Lev Golitsyn bought the land for winemaking) the village has got its present name - Novy Svet (New Light): Nicholas II walking along the trail created by Lev Golitsyn and was invited to taste a champagne wine which was produced in Golitsin factory. Soon Tsar Nicholas II said that he "sees life in a new light". A trail along which Tsar Nicholas II walked was named Golitsyn Trail.

Golitsyn trail starts at the south-western shore of Green Bay (Sudak-Lyman). The initial part of the route extends on the northern slope of Koba-Kaya Mount (Cave Mount). So it called because it has a lot of cavities. One of these cavities is a Chaliapin Grotto.

Chaliapin Grotto - largest natural cave hollowed out by the sea waves in Koba-Kaya Mountain (Cave Mountain). The height of Chaliapin Grotto are about 25-30 meters. In the Middle Ages it was the Christian cave monastery. Up until the XIX century on one of its walls there were remnants of paintings. Later there was a wine storage of Lev Golitsyn champagne. In the depths of the grotto is visible stage for musicians. Here in the floor dug a small well which is constantly going to pure spring water.

It is believed that in this grotto great Russian opera singer Chaliapin sang and from his strong voice glasses with champagne has broken into pieces. Therefore the grotto was named in his honor. Now sometimes there are musical concerts on stage of Chaliapin Grotto with champagne and fireworks.

After Golitsyn Grotto trail leads to the southern slopes of Koba-Kaya mountain. Then it descends along the coast and follows the Blue Bay. Blue Bay also known as Plunder Bay bounded to the east Koba-Kaya mountain and on the west Kapchik cape. According to legend Greek pirate ships hide in Plunder Bay as well as in the caves of kept the stolen treasures.

Kapchik Cape (Kapchik - a long narrow bag worn on a belt of dervishes) - a long narrow promontory with a narrow isthmus, origin - an ancient coral reef. In the middle of Kapchik Cape there is pass-through cave 77 meters in length.

On the coast of the bay there is Tsar Beach which was chosen by Romanov family for swimming. Currently Tsar Beach is located in Novy Svet Natural Reserve and access to it restricted. From Kapchik Cape Golitsyn trail goes to juniper grove and then leading to the center of Novy Svet.

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