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Nikolaev Sights | Shukhov Water Tower (Nikola Tesla Tower)
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Nikolaev Sights - Shukhov Water Tower (Nikola Tesla Tower)
Water supply was a problem for the population of Nikolaev since Tsarist Russia. Several artesian wells on the outskirts of the city did not solve the problem. The city entered into the twentieth century without central water supply.

In July 1904 the deputies finally announced tenders for the construction of equalization tower. The first project with a total amount - 146 235 rubles was very expensive and was declared the new tender which took place in May 1906. The competition had applied many domestic and European manufacturers. The winner was Odessa's manufactor but commission is not satisfied with the period of tower construction - 36 months. The third competition was announced two months later and budget for the project was only 40 000 rubles.

In the process of conflict of interest arose the idea of building a steel water tower which cost less in compare the stone building. In addition it was proposed to change the function of the tower: from equalizing tower to water tower.

The most cheap was a project of construction of the water tower by engineer Shukhov. Its cost was only 25 200 rubles. Vladimir G. Shukhov sent from Moscow its representative who explained the benefits of hyperboloid water tower construction to members of the Duma.

The design height of the structure from foundation to foundation tank is 84 feet (about 26 meters). Total tank capacity - 50 000 buckets. For greater strength of the iron corners of the frame which is composed of the tower strengthened by nine horizontal rings. Inside is a vertical spiral staircase and around the tank - a metal balcony.

During construction of the tower Duma agreed to pay half the total cost of shipping it from Moscow and a week after the final installation - the remaining amount. Frosts and strong winds did not prevent to finish work on time. In January 1907 a hyperboloid Shukhov water tower has rised above the city.

The water level in the tank of Shukhov water tower controlled by devices that are installed on the tower, in a guard booth, at the power station which fed the pump wells. In addition the tower was equipped with a hydrometer and pneumatic, control pressure gauge, electrical signaling device.

Advantages of Vladimir Shukhov water tower were as follows:
- The largest reservoir of the system among all the other towers of Russian pipelines;
- Has been completely isolated from any neighboring buildings;
- Not require heating;
- The water of various wells was circulated and stirred;
- Water level is controlled automatically

Shukhov water tower has been the main city water supply providing many thousands of people with water from underground sources. It functioned properly and in the revolutionary years and during World War II. When the German troops retreated they blew it. However shortly Shukhov water tower has been successfully restored. Water tower served the citizens until the mid-1950s - until the moment when central water system began to take water from the Ingulets river. Now having lost its original practical purpose of the tower remains a monument to a talented engineer Vladimir Shukhov.

Because of its unusual form locals sometimes called Shukhov water tower as a tower of the famous American engineer Nikola Tesla!

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