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Mishor Sights | Ai-Petri Cable Car
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Ukraine Mishor Sights - Ai-Petri Cable Car
Suspended passenger ropeway "Mishor- Ai-Petri" was started building in 1967. During construction the project had to be replaced because cable car ropes lay on the rocks which for the sake of construction it was decided not to destroy.

The cable car was built during 20 years. The first passengers of ropeway on 31 st of December 1987 were members of the acceptance committee. The opening of "Mishor- Ai-Petri" cable car for tourists was in March 1988.

Cableway "Miskhor - Ai-Petri" recognizes the unique immediately after opening. The fact is that distance between the middle and upper stations is 1670 meters and there are no support towers. This is the record of Europe!

The entire route is divided into 2 sections: the lower section length 1310 meters and the top unsupported - 1670 meters with an elevation angle of 46 degrees. Between sections there is the average transfer station at an altitude of 391 meters above sea level. Two ropeway cars runs at each of these sections.

The lower cable car station is at a height of 86 meters above sea level and just 15 minutes lifting visitors can already see the panorama of the southern coast of Crimea from a height of 1153 meters above sea level - is the height of the upper cable car station - Ai-Petri mountain. From a platform of upper cable car station opens panorama of Mount Ayu-Dag, Yalta, Cape Ai-Todor, Swallow's Nest, resort towns Mishor, Alupka and Simeiz and vast expanses of Black Sea.

During the lifting of ropeway car to the upper cable station you can drive through the white clouds that leaves unforgettable impressions of flight as on an airplane.

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