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Malorichenske Sights | St. Nicholas Church-Lighthouse
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Ukraine Malorichenske Sights - St. Nicholas Church-Lighthouse
St. Nicholas Church-Lighthouse in Malorichenske began building in January 2004 and on 15 May 2007 it was officially opened. Beautiful St. Nicholas Church-Lighthouse is sixty meters tall, stands on the 50 meters cliff above Black Sea and decorated with wonderful frescoes and mosaics.

From gazebo in the form of Flying Dutchman that stands on the edge of the cliff there is perfect view of Crimea southern coast. In addition the complex includes a memorial wall that has nameplates of people who died in the sea. The memorial - a tribute to the memory of sailors, fishermen and travelers who are victims of the sea.

The main icon of St. Nicholas Church-Lighthouse is very unusual and has no analogues in the world. This icon of St. Nicholas has knitted knots - no silver or gold as in most of the major icons in Orthodox churches. This icon consisting of half a million knots created by Simferopol actor. He was almost completely paralyzed when doctors advised him to develop hands by knitting. When he made knitted knots for the icon (it took a year and a half to finish the work) almost completely healed. Personally he believed that he was healed by St. Nicholas.

Museum of Accidents on the Waters is located in the basement St. Nicholas Church-Lighthouse. Exposition dedicated to the most tragic pages of navigation - disasters on the water with implications for the innumerable victims. The museum is located in 17 rooms (1 000 square meters) each of which tells the story through videos and stands on the most resonant tragedies on the waters of the oceans.

According to statistics maritime disasters - only five to seven percent of deaths are from natural factors - hurricanes, storms, floods. But everything else - the human factor: in the first place - the war, then - booze, negligence, arrogance and disregard important rules.

Construction of St. Nicholas Church-Lighthouse dedicated to the memory of all the beacon of sailors and travelers who ever went to sea and all shipwrecks. One of these major disasters occurred with motor ship "Armenia" during the Second World War in the Black Sea near the Crimean coast.

On 6th of November 1941 motor ship "Armenia" left the port of Sevastopol with a military hospital and evacuating residents. According to various estimates on the board were from 5 to 7 thousand people. On 7th of November the ship arrived in Yalta where it took on board several hundred people more. At 8:00 motor ship "Armenia" left Yalta port escorted by two armed boats and two fighters "I-153". At 11 hours and 25 minutes the ship was attacked by a single German aircraft "Heinkel He-111". The plane flew from the shore and from a distance of 600 meters dropped two torpedoes. One hit in the nose of motor ship "Armenia". After 4 minutes the ship "Armenia" sank.

On motor ship "Armenia" were several thousand wounded soldiers and evacuated citizens, staff of General Hospital of Black Sea Fleet and other military and civilian hospitals (23 hospitals), directors of children summer camp "Artek", part of memebers of Crimea Communistic party, the military and the NKVD. Loading of ship was in a hurry - the exact number of people on the board is not known. Officially the Soviet times it was believed that killed about five thousand people, in the early XXI century estimate increased to ten thousand. Only eight of all passangers of motor ship "Armenia" saved their lifes - swam to Crimea shore. Disaster of motor ship "Armenia" in the Black Sea on the number of victims is one of the largest in world history.

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