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Koreiz Sights | Dulber Palace
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Ukraine Koreiz Sights - Dulber Palace
Start of construction of Dulber Palace ensemble (in arabic - a "wonderful" or "delightful") refers to 1895 when the Grand Duke Peter Nikolaevich Romanov decided to erect a palace in the eastern style and park in his Crimean estate.

Planning and control all the work was entrusted to the already known architect Nikolay Krasnov - the main architect of Yalta.

Grand Duke Peter Nikolaevich Romanov since childhood has poor health so he needed to travel frequently in the Mediterranean and the Middle East where brought albums with his own sketches of monuments of eastern architecture. On base of this sketches subsequently was made sketches of future Dulber Palace.

Created in 1895-1897 at a very difficult for a large construction area Dulber Palace was a considerable success in the creative biography of the architect Nikolay Krasnov. Dulber Palace - was the first order of the royal Romanov family. After visiting Dulber Palace by Emperor Nicholay II Nicholay Krasnov was commissioned to design and build new Livadia Palace.

Ornamentation of Dulber Place was very simple and done by cheap methods. The most interesting artistic and industrial innovation was creating panels that reproduce faience. This composition was made up of simple components combined in certain proportions - plaster, vaseline and dyes. Castings of this mixture covered with an varnish acquired a fine oriental faience. This revealed a remarkable ability of Nikolay Krasnov to apply new materials which replace the previously expensive.

The front facade of Dulber Palace repeats the entrance to the tomb of Cairo-Bey built in the XV century in the heart of Cairo but three other facades are more picturesque and original. Above the main entrance to the building of the palace is preserved arabic script - the line from the Koran: "Allah bless the incoming".

While working on the Dulber Palace Nikolay Krasnov was faced with the complete absence of payment from the customer. In a difficult 1897 in the most desperate moment Baron von Steel offered to Peter Nikolaevich Romanov sell Dulber Palace for 600 000 rubles to pay off debts. However by selling part of the estate "Znamenka" and improved organization of the work of brick factory in Terioki the things have improved and Nikolay Krasnov get all amount of construction costs of Dulber Palace.

In 20 years after Dulber Palace was opened it will turned into a fortified castle with a roof mounted machine-gun nests and protection of heavily armed Sevastopol garrison led by commissioner Zadorozhniy. It was here detained "Crimean group of Romanov family". Only the rapid advance of German troops and the occupation of the Crimea royal family rescued in 1918 from imminent death. Under threat of occupation of the Crimea by the Red Army on 1st of April 1919 they were forced to board the British cruiser "Marlboro" and for all leave their homeland.

In 1938 by the project of architect Boris Belozerskiy in the same moorish style as Dulber Palace was built the second building of Dulber sanatorium over the entrance which appeared the inscription of the Stalin Constitution of 1936 - "Citizens of the USSR have the right to rest" stylized by arabic script.

Unfortunately during the Second World War Dulber Palace was seriously destroyed by fire. Restoration work took place in 1946-1959. However due to the loss of original composition of ornament's material restorers were not able to reproduce the unique casting. But a wonderful Dulber park created by many generations of gardeners continues to give inexpressible joy to all those who come here.

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