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Kherson Sights | Green Farms | Peatland Extreme Ride
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Ukraine Kherson Sights - Green Farms - Peatland Extreme Ride
Peat - organic humic mineral formed as a result of incomplete decay and death of marsh plants in conditions of high humidity and lack of oxygen.

The main consumers of peat are agriculture and industrial-energy complex. First of peat is usually used as domestic fuel but over time began its widespread use in industry and energy complexes in the form of milling crumb, briquettes and pellets. Most of the peat resources used in agriculture. Semi-decomposed peat used as bedding for animals. In some countries peat soils used to grow vegetables, horticultural crops and rice crops.

An important reserve for increasing soil fertility and balanced plant nutrition may be the natural reservoir of organic fertilizers. Ukraine has significant mineral deposits which are capable of many decades to serve the cause better performance of agriculture. With acres of peat for two or three cycles can prepare 900-1500 ton of milling crumb.

Peat deposits are concentrated in the Kherson region flooded areas of the valley of Dniper river. The starting material for the formation of peat were the reeds. The most significant and the deposits of peat is Kardashinskoe peat deposit.

Only in Ukraine Peatland Extreme Ride Tour can be accomplished only in the historical and entertainment complex "Green Farms of Tavria".

The complex occupies 90 hectares. There are many small villages each with a unique master. Each village has its own thematic focus. At a working potters village you will be able to create your own pottery, on the other - weaving baskets, in the third - you meet a blacksmith, on the fourth - weaver and many others.

Peatland Extreme Ride Tour is as follows. Tourists sit in the trailer which is coupled to caterpillar tractor DT-75 and go to extreme journey. Previously the trailer was also equipped with caterpillar tracks and tours were carried out directly on the peat bogs. At the moment based on security issues - the trailer is equipped with wheels and a trip is strictly for the road of peat bogs. During the trip a tractor with gear changes every time making great speed-up and the bumps in the road leading to constant shaking. Because of the high speed of the tractor-trailer and a low exhaust of exhaust pipe all passengers especially in the first rows are subject of the exhaust fumes and smell of burning. In the trailer it is recommended to take place in the far side of the tractor. Riding on potholes so the shaking a very strong and the trip is recommended for young and healthy people.

Who loves extreme experience - get a lot of adrenaline!

You could try Kherson Sights - Green Farms - Peatland Extreme Ride with Ukraine Tour South Ring

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