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Kharkiv Sights | British Heavy Tank Mark V
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Ukraine Kharkiv Sights | British Heavy Tank Mark V
During Russian Civil War as allies of the monarchy of Russian Empire Great Britain (England) provided military assistance to White Army with Chief Gereral Peter Wrangel supplying weapons, guns and the main impact force - Heavy Tanks Mark V and medium tanks Mark A Whippet.

Heavy Tanks Mark V comes in two versions "male" - with mixed gun and machine guns and "female" - with only machine guns. At that time there was serious drawback of Heavy Tanks Mark V - it could protected from bullets but not from whizzbangs.

The first tanks appeared in the South of Russia Empire on 13th of April 1919 when in Batumi landed detachment of Royal Tank Corps consisting of 65 troopers. Following the detachment arrived 6 Heavy Tanks Mark V and 6 medium tanks Mark A Whippet. These tanks were subsequently Southern Russian Tank Unit. At the end of April 1919 the combined British-Russian tank brigade arrived in Ekaterinodar and there was organized "School of British Tanks" which for the period from June to December 1919 produced about 200 officers, soldiers of Russian tanks crew.

During Crimean War the Red Army managed to capture almost half of Wrangel's army tanks. Later they were used in other battles , and after Russian Civil War as agricultural machinery.

In 1938 according to the order of Commissar for Military and Naval Affairs and Commissar of Defense Kliment Voroshilov was distributed by two units for such Soviet cities: Smolensk, Rostov-on-Don, Kharkiv, Leningrad, Kiev, Voroshilovgrad and Arkhangelsk for use as historical monuments of Russian Civil War.

To date only two tanks remained in Luhansk (Lugansk) as well as one in Kharkiv and in Arkhangelsk (Russia).

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