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Izum Sights | Jumping Bridge of Love
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Ukraine Izum Sights | Jumping Bridge of Love
On 7th of October 2004 in Izum, Ukraine was opened Jumping Bridge of Love and in the short time it has become one of the most famous sights and attractions of Ukraine. Before the building of Jumping Bridge of Love inhabitants of Izum crossed Siversky Donets river by Old Bridge which was built during Second World War by German soldiers.

The Old Bridge was built just in one day when German army had to smuggle ammunition from one side of Siversky Donets river to the other. Then in 1943 when the German troops retreated they tried to blow up the bridge but could not make it and the OId Bridge stood over the river for more than sixty years.

The chief architect Yuri Shkodovsky, author of Jumping Bridge of Love, confirmed that despite the visual lightness of construction - the bridge stands a much greater load than is required under the standard - safety factor of more than three times. So inhabitants of Izum, guests and tourists can run, ride bikes, motorcycles, walk, meet, fall in love and agree to date on Jumping Bridge of Love.

Since Jumping Bridge of Love is made of steel when a lot of people walking on it - there is an effect of oscillation that causes a sensation of jumping bridge. An amazing feeling will impress all loving couples who together ascend into Jumping Bridge of Love.

Inhabitants of Izum invented for Jumping Bridge of Love new tradition: after the wedding the couple will come to Jumping Bridge of Love and the groom to prove fortress of his feelings should carry on hands his bride across the bridge to the other bank of Siversky Donets river.

The new bridge took more than two and a half million hryvnias (around 300 000 US dollars). Two bridges - new Jumping Bridge of Love and the Old Bridge have not stood beside long. The Old Bridge after the official opening of Jumping Bridge of Love was dismantled in one day. It turns an amazing story of the Old Bridge - was built in one day, stood for sixty years and was dismantled in one day. About the Old Bridge is now just reminds supports extending from Siversky Donets river.

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