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Izum Sights | Holy Transfiguration Cathedral
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Ukraine Izum Sights | Holy Transfiguration Cathedral
Holy Transfiguration Cathedral was built in 1682 by donations of Izum colonels - Konstantin Donets and Fedor Shydlovsky and consecrated in 1684. Holy Transfiguration Cathedral was built in the Byzantine style with five domes on five tall pillars. Majestic iconostasis is richly decorated with gold thread was arranged in 1765. In 1846-1866 Holy Transfiguration Cathedral has been expanded thanks to a generous donations.

In the middle of 19th century it was built separate bell tower with Church in honor of Tikhvin Icon of Mother of God - gratitude to God and Mother of God from Izum residents to save them from cholera in 1831. Special participation in the construction of the bell tower took: lieutenant Daniel Zozulja collected seven thousand silver rubles, Izum merchant Jacob Dekhtyar who donated 700 silver rubles and landowner Fyodor Durnov who donated 628 silver rubles.

The people also called Tikhvin –°hurch as "warm" or "regimental". Tikhvin Church was not like a regular church building and looked like a tower of four storeys. Instead of a small cross on the church dome the tower had a long spire with crowned double-headed eagle - symbol of Russian Empire.

In the "regimental" church as in a museum were preserved flags of Izum Sloboda Cossack Regiment fought in 1709 against Swedes at Poltava, flags and silver pipes of Izum Guard Hussar Regiment who fought in French-Russian War and first entered the conquered Paris. All military relics of the two regiments of Tikhvin Church were given to various museums in Poltava, Leningrad and Moscow.

Between utensils of Holy Transfiguration Cathedral was the tsar's gifts of Emperor Peter I: Altar Gospel from 1707.

According to legend Emperor Peter I gave the gifts in May, 1709 when he was in Izum in the way from Azov to Poltava on the eve of the famous Poltava Battle. Holy Transfiguration Cathedral also kept the Turkish icons delivered by James Dolgoruky after the conquest of Azov: these icons reminded of participation of Izum residents in Azov war.

In September 1825 at Holy Transfiguration Cathedral prayed the emperor Alexander I Blessed on the way to Taganrog.

Until 1917 Holy Transfiguration Cathedral was magnificent and famous but then started the destructive power of Soviet antireligious propaganda. In 1930 Holy Transfiguration Cathedral was closed. Holy Transfiguration Cathedral was vandalized, looted and often used as warehouses.

In autumn 1941 in the retreat of the Soviet troops the sappers blew up the bell tower.

In 1962 the Committee for Architecture decided to restore Holy Transfiguration Cathedral to its original form. Construction work lasted for about 30 years and the cathedral was restored to its original form in which it was built back in 1682.

After so many years of reconstruction Holy Transfiguration Cathedral was consecrated on 8th of October 1991 and was opened for public again.

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