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Donetsk Sights | Roadheader KSP-32 Monument
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Ukraine Donetsk Sights | Roadheader KSP-32 Monument
Monument to Roadheader KSP-32 was created in 1998 under the leadership of the director of Yasinovatskiy Machine Building Plant JSC Victor Trubchaninov. Installed near the Technical University of Donetsk. The inscription on the monument: To inhabitants of Donetsk from Yasynuvata Engineering.

In Yasynuvata there is machine-building plant which produces mining equipment, including tunneling machines for underground mines and quarries.

Information about Roadheader KSP-32 (33)

Roadheader KSP-32 (33) - the combine of medium series. The machine is designed to mechanize breaking and loading of the mined rock while driving mine workings in mixed faces with single-axis compressive strength of up to 100 MPa and abrasivity not more than 15 mg with an inclined gradients ±12° and cutting profile from 10 m2 in the finished section and up to 29 m2 in the rock section in mines hazardous on gas (methane) and coal dust. A powerful boom assembly with high arcing and lifting forces enables the machine to cut harder strata.

The upgraded version of Roadheader KSP-32 is Roadheaders KSP-33 is distinguished by the remote control unit. Roadheader KSP-32 (33) has the ability to connect the hydraulic drilling equipment to the oil station processor.

Design features

  • Hard executive body of the sagittal type, engine power of 110 kW air-cooled
  • Powerful cutting head with an efficient irrigation system equipped with high-pressure pumps
  • The telescopic design of the executive body which allows the cutting head to collaring a solid rock without moving the machine and regardless of the state of the soil
  • The central chain scraper conveyor designed for use in high abrasion with larger-through window in the housing harvester
  • Undercarriage with wide treads and independent drive for maximum maneuverability when working in areas with steep gradients and with a weak ground
  • Back support with the thrust on the ground to improve the stability of the machine for cutting hard rocks
  • Feeder serves as the front support
  • The scraper conveyor and loader can be used to combine different types of shipment of rock

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