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Donetsk Sights | Holy Transfiguration Cathedral
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Ukraine Donetsk Sights | Holy Transfiguration Cathedral
The first Yuzovka (the old name of Donetsk) cathedral was consecrated in honor of Transfiguration of God appeared in the late XIX century. The cathedral was built of stone on the area provided by Prince Lieven near market place. In autumn 1883 the construction work began and already in 1884 Holy Transfiguration Cathidral was built.

The consecration of Holy Transfiguration Cathidral was held on 2nf of November 1886. The cathidral became one of the most interesting and important buildings of Yuzovka, an outstanding art of Donbass architecture.

On the construction of Holy Transfiguration Cathidral taken donations from the local community. The landowner Prince Lieven gave five thousand Russian Empire rubles, iconostasis, construction matrials of two thousand rubles and 66 acres of land.

The same amount five thousand Russian Empire rubles allocated Novorossiysk Society of Stone-Coal, Iron, Steel and Rail Production. Merchants Lobasovy donated two thousand Russian Empire rubles in cash. Three thousand Russian Empire rubles gathered citizens of Yuzovka - most of them were merchants. A factory workers of Novorossiysk Society of Stone-Coal, Iron, Steel and Rail Production deducted one kopeyka per ruble of earnings during six months.

It was collected arounf 17 thousand Russian Empire rubles. John Evgrafov presented two houses - one for the priest, the other - for the deacon.

Originally Holy Transfiguration Cathidral was built on the model designed by architect Konstantin Ton approved in 1830 - one-dome, cube-shaped.

After a few years thanks to new donations to the main dome building were added bell tower, four domes, two side aisles, two rooms for the altar from south and north of the main altar, refectory. Holy Transfiguration Cathidral has found a finished appearance. Bell tower of Holy Transfiguration Cathidral was the tallest building in Yuzovka.

The number of parishioners of Holy Transfiguration Cathidral increased from two and a half thousand in 1892 to twelve thousand people in 1913.

Destruction of Holy Transfiguration Church

In 1928 in Stalino (another old name for Donetsk) was built cinema "Komsomolets" which closed the view to Holy Transfiguration Cathidral from the main street of the city. On 11th of December 1930 Holy Transfiguration Cathedral lost its bells and the bell tower was destroyed later.

In 1931 Holy Transfiguration Cathedral was blown up on the pretext of obtaining building materials. on 18th of October 1931 Deputy Chairman of the Executive Committee of Stalino signed a paper: "Reference. Issued to the explosive technique Kondratyev of Ukrainian Branch of Vzryvoenprom that assigned to him the explosion of the cathedral in Stalino made technically competent and quite well resulting in 80% of usable building materials".

Donetsk for more than 60 years was left without its main orthodox cathidral.

Revival of Holy Transfiguration Cathedral

On 9th of August 1991 Donetsk Architectural Planning Council has allocated for the construction of Holy Transfiguration Cathedral the area in the square named after Maxim Gorky as the place where once stood the destroyed cathidral was occupied by other buildings.

On 27th of February 1993 the Bishop of Donetsk and Slavic Hippolyte blessed the first stone laid in the foundation of Holy Transfiguration Cathedral.

The architect of Holy Transfiguration Cathedral - Vladimir Onufrienko combined stylistic motifs of Russian classicism with elements inherent in Ukrainian architecture. The main building of the cathidral has a length of 57 metres and a width of 36 meters styled with textured plaster, granite and marble blocks. The main and side entrances of the cathedral are decorated with bas-relief strict and majestic images of crosses and placed in niches mosaic figures.

Three-tiered bell tower of the cathedral has a height of 58 meters. On the third tier set chimes and below - the bell.

The bronze statue of Archangel Michael is situated on the square in front of Holy Transfiguration Cathedral. Sculpture of holy protector of Kiev was presented to Donetsk residents in 2002 in gratitude for Mertsalov Palm - a symbol of industriousness people of Donetsk.

The solemn consecration of the central throne of Holy Transfiguration Cathedral was held on 18th of July 2009. So Holy Transfiguration Cathedral thanks to the efforts of the residents of Donbass was revived and taken the important place among sights and attractions of Donetsk.

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