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Ukraine Dnipropetrovsk Sights | Solonyi Lyman Lake | Healing Mud and Mineral Water
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Ukraine Dnipropetrovsk Sights | Solonyi Lyman Lake | Healing Mud and Mineral Water
Solonyi Lyman Lake located near Dnipropetrovsk and is the largest salt lake in the region. At the bottom of Solonyi Lyman Lake are deposits of healing mud which has medicinal properties. Healing mud refers to sulfide mules of continental type which has a high ductility and toughness.

Healing mud has composition with coarse particles of more than 0,25 g (about 0,4%). Heat and thermal conductivity of healing mud of Solonyi Lyman Lake is much better than muds of world known mud therapy lakes.

Next to healing mud baths at Solonyi Lyman Lake built storage for healing mud ensuring the safety of therapeutic properties of healing mud for a long time.

Healing Mud of Solonyi Lyman Lake

It is said that many years ago Solonyi Lyman Lake, forest and thousands of acres of land around belonged to the landowner who was engaged in sheep farming. The landowner before each sheep haircut ordered workers to bathe sheeps in Solonyi Lyman Lake for the wool become surprisingly supple and soft.

In 1923 and 1928 the specialists of Ministry of Health of Soviet Union (USSR) conducted a study and found that Solonyi Lyman Lake has mud with healing properties (according to other sources the healing properties of mud of the lake were noted in 1882 during geological survey of Ekaterinoslav region which now is Dnipropetrovsk region).

The healing properties of the mud of Solonyi Lyman Lake have been known for a long time by surrounding residents. They used it to treat rheumatism, gout, sciatica and other diseases. The development of therapeutic mud of Solonyi Lyman Lake was started in 1928 when it was decided to build a mud-cure point on the shore of Solonyi Lyman Lake.

In 1947 the government of Soviet Union (USSR) adopted a resolution №346 according to which Solonyi Lyman Lake recognized as local spa resort. Resolution ordered Ministry of Health of Soviet Union (USSR) and Dnipropetrovsk Region Executive Committee for 1948-1950 years to build a water-mud baths with a capacity of up to 1000 procedures per day and the sanatorium with 150 beds. However due to limited funding a hospital was built consisting of two buildings with 100 beds.

And for many years on the banks of Solonyi Lyman Lake there are mud baths and spa resort for all patients who needs treatment.

Mineral Waters of Solonyi Lyman Lake

In the region of Solonyi Lyman Lake opened the presence of underground water of different composition that is good to use as therapeutic mineral water. Aquifer of Paleogene Formation of at a depth of 36-38 meters has total mineralization of 0,11 to 1,23 g/dm.

The drinking water there is at a depth of 54-64 meters with salinity up to 15 g/ l. Dilution of the water in the well-room allows its use for the treatment of diseases of gastrointestinal tract, liver, gall tract.

At a depth of 72,6 - 204,5 meters horizon lies chloride-sodium-bromine mineral water that are good to use for balneological purposes. Capacity of bromine in the mineral water is up to 39-44 mg/dm, iodine - up to 5,47 mg/dm.

Based on a number of sources wells since 1961 near Solonyi Lyman Lake operates the plant for production of mineral waters - Novomoskovsky Mineral Water Plant. The plant produces mineral water with a salinity of 0,2-0,5 g/dm related to dining mineral waters.

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