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Dnipropetrovsk Sights | Holy Trinity Cathedral
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Ukraine Dnipropetrovsk Sights - Holy Trinity Cathedral
Holy Trinity Cathedral in Dnipropetrovsk is not only a remarkable architectural monument of XIX century but also a historical monument which is associated with the existence of regional center.

It is known that the settlements on the place of today's Dnipropetrovsk is mentioned for a long time and in the XVI-XVIII centuries this territory was settled by Zaporizhzhya Cossacks.

In 1781 on the place of the present center of Dnepropetrovsk located suburb Poloviza (which by that time had more than a hundred houses and a half thousand people). Under the initiative of the former Cossacks Lazar Globa, Ignat Kaplun, Andrew Mandryk, Daniel Kosolap - the idea came of construction of a new church. Bulding of a new church named Holy Apostles Peter and Paul was led by the master Daniel Derevianko from Kamenka.

However the completed wooden church had never been consecrated. A few days before the consecration in summer of 1783 burned the dome of the church. As the scaffolding has been dismantled there was no chance to put out the fire: the wooden church burned completely. Only managed to save the iconostasis of the church and some utensils.

Only on 15th of January 1791 the first Yekaterynoslav (Dnipropetrovsk) church was consecrated as the church of Our Lady of Kazan Icon. First Yekaterynoslav (Dnipropetrovsk) church was not a new building. This wooden church was build between 1780-1781 as the main church of Samar (now well-known as Novomoskovsk). So ten years old church was decided... just carry (it was very compicated task due low that time technical level).

The decision was made on the grounds that for construction of a new church Yekaterinoslav (Dnipropetrovsk) had no money. Therefore is was "journey" of the church from Samar (Novomoskovsk) to Ekaterinoslav (Dnipropetrovsk).

In 1826 in Ekaterinoslav (Dnipropetrovsk) was not a single stone house and all main churches - Trinity, Assumption, Intercession were made of wood.

In 1837 it was sanctified place for the construction of Holy Trinity Cathedral. But only in 1845 - 8 years after laying of the first stone lumberman Theodore Duplenko gave 3000 rubles which was enough for the foundation of church... and again construction process was stopped. Theodore Duplenko who was facing the threat of bankruptcy was not up to the charity. When he improved his business Theodore Duplenko gave for the construction of Holy Trinity Cathedral - 100 000 rubles. Already in 1855 the new church was finished and consecrated in the name of the Holy Trinity.

In 1860 in front of Holy Trinity Cathedral was built a large stone tower on the project of a local architect which was the tallest building in Yekaterinoslav (Dnipropetrovsk) that time. A little later at the end of the nineteenth century between the bell tower and Holy Trinity Cathedral was built connecting structure that increased almost doubly the area of the church. The building has a single architectural whole. Maecenas was merchant Andrew Kirpichnikov that gave over 15 000 rubles.

In the late 1900s in Holy Trinity Cathedral began the repairs. For the execution of new icons and frescoes in 1909 was invited by famous Ukrainian artist Ivan Izhakevich.

Ivan Izhakevich (1864-1962) was a great expert in the field of folk art and Ukrainian folklore. A significant place in his work was held painting of churches. Among the outstanding works of Ivan Izhakevich - best-known painting of Refectory of Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, paintings of the main Kiev-Pechersk Lavra Gate and Church of All Saints. All these works belong to the beginning of the twentieth century.

Now Holy Trinity Cathedral is the central temple of Dnipropetrovsk and Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

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