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Ukraine Chernihiv Sights | Railway Station
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Ukraine Chernihiv Sights | Railway Station
Visitors of Chernihiv who come to the city by train of Ukrainian Railways could look at majestic building of Chernihiv Railway Station. It was built in 1949 and officially opened in January 1950. After the first view of Chernihiv Railway Station all passengers believe that the railway station is at least 100 years old. It is because the architecture of Chernihiv Railway Station is reminiscent German architecture of XVII-XIX centuries.

In fact the architectural style of the railway station - pseudo-classicism of Stalin time. From 1946 till 1949 Chernihiv Railway Station was built by German and Hungarian prisoners of war. Architect of the plan of the railway station in Chernihiv is Gennady Granatkin.

A little later on base of architectural design of Gennady Granatkin and other famous architects made the construction of stations of Kiev Subway: station "Arsenalna" (depth is 105,5 meters, the deepest subway station in the world), station "Dnipro" and others.

History of Chernihiv Railway Station

In 1893 on the left bank of Desna River five kilometers from Chernihiv was built a wooden building of railway station called "Old Chernihiv". From here began the narrow-gauge railway by route Chernihiv-Kruty. Passengers from railway station were transported to Chernihiv by horse carts. It cost 15-30 kopeykas. For that time the ticket from Chernihiv to Kiev in a first class car cost 7 Russian Empire rubles, the cost of second and third class was much smaller. The average speed of train did not exceed 30 km/h so to get from Chernihiv to Kiev took 6-7 hours.

Railway station "Old Chernihiv" lasted until 1928 when on the western outskirts of Chernihiv was built a new railway station. In July 1941 the new building of railway station in Chernihiv was destroyed by German bombing. The modern railway station was built on the site of the previous one.

The first head of Chernihiv Railway Station was Lydia Tolmacheva. She led it in 1945, built and managed the railway station until 1979. Interesting fact that during 60 years the railway station was led by only five directors and four of them were woman.

In 2003 Chernihiv Railway Station was repainted - instead of red and green it became red and white.

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