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Chernihiv Sights | Holy Assumption Eletskiy Monastery
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Ukraine Chernihiv Sights | Holy Assumption Eletskiy Monastery
One of the oldest monasteries in Ukraine, the oldest and largest monastery of Chernihiv - Holy Assumption Eletskiy Monastery is situated on west slope of Boldin mountains about a kilometer from the center of the ancient city of Chernihiv called Detinets. The monastery was founded in the middle of XI century by Prince Svyatoslav Yaroslavich in coniferous forest - hence the name - Eletskiy ("el" translated from Russian to English as "spruce").

The main buildings of Holy Assumption Eletskiy Monastery complex was formed in XVIII century and now represents coherent ensemble of Baroque style.

Year of founding of the monastery is very difficult to determine but it is believed that Prince Svyatoslav Yaroslavich built a wooden church in 1060 on the site where according to legend was found Icon of Mother of God on a spruce. According to another legend on the territory of future monastery lived "father of Russian monasticism" - Anthony Pecherskiy. So the prince believed in a great sign and ordered to build on that place Assumption Church.

The stone Assumption Cathedral of the monastery was built over a century. In 1239 the monastery was plundered by Mongols and comes to ruin. In the early XVI century Chernihiv became under the authority of Moscow so in Holy Assumption Eletskiy Monastery settled monks from Russian monasteries. In 1611 Chernihiv was burned by Polish troops. After this event the monks went back to their monasteries in Russia. The monastery in 1623 was under jurisdiction of Jesuits. In 1649 Chernihiv was released from the Polish power and Holy Assumption Eletskiy Monastery again became Orthodox.

In XVIII century Holy Assumption Eletskiy Monastery became a major landowner until in 1786 by order of Empress Catherine II the property of the monastery has not been transferred to the treasury of Russian Empire.

In 1920 Soviet authorities closed Holy Assumption Eletskiy Monastery and gave buildings of monastery to different institutions. In 1941-1943 Nazi occupiers placed in the monastery military unit and allowed to lead worship in one of the buildings surrounding Assumption Cathedral.

From 1943 till 1962 were done repairs and restoration of some buildings of Holy Assumption Eletskiy Monastery. In 1992 there was a revival of the monastery as women monastic community.

In addition to Assumption Cathedral there is a very unusual 36-meters bell tower, one of the oldest bell towers of Ukraine. Its was built in two stages: the lower tier was built in 1670-1675 years as defense gate tower and later built the top tier designed to accommodate the bells.

Near the bell tower is the oldest on Left-Bank Ukraine monument of wooden architecture - the house built in 1688. Also this house is very honor of monks as the residence of Saint Theodosius Uglich.

On the terrirory of Holy Assumption Eletskiy Monastery Prince Svyatoslav Yaroslavich had famous library which mysteriously disappeared in ancient times.

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