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Chernihiv Sights | Chernihiv Collegium
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Ukraine Chernihiv Sights | Chernihiv Collegium
In ancient historical center of Chernihiv there is one of the most amazing buildings of the town now known as Chernihiv Collegium. First the building was a part of Boris and Gleb Monastery - the residence of Archbishops of Chernihiv. It consists of a long two-storey building with refectory and bell tower.

Chernihiv Collegium was founded by Archbishop Lazarus Baranovitch who moved to Chernihiv in 1672. The main purpose of Chernihiv Collegium building was a refectory. So in 1700-1702 under support and funding of Hetman Ivan Mazepa was added a bell tower connected to the second floor of refectory. In the eastern part of the bell tower was Church of All Saints. The patronage of Hetman Ivan Mazepa confirmed by the board with coat of arms of Ivan Mazepa and record about the donation.

Bell tower was named in honor of the patron of Hetman Ivan Hetman - Saint John. When digging the foundation for the bell tower it was found a silver idol. From this silver idol was manufactured Holy Gates for iconostasis of Boris and Gleb Cathedral. At Holy Gates also minted emblem of Hetman Ivan Mazepa.

At the end of XIX century to the west of bell tower was attached porch in the style of Moscow architecture. The top of bell tower is decorated with ceramic icons of "Our Lady of the Sign" and "Saviour".

Due to lack of space in Boris and Gleb Monastery since 1749 in the refectory held classes of philosophy of Chernihiv Collegium which was located on the territory of the monastery in 1700-1786.

Chernihiv Collegium is the first institution of higher level in Left-Bank Ukraine. Based on initiative of ecclesiastical and political leaders of the second half of XVII century - beginning of XVIII century Lazarus Baranovych and John Maksimovich. Chernihiv Collegium was created on base of model of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy which inherited the principles of organization, curriculum from European universities.

The main attention of study was Latin language and later began to study Russian language. Students also studied Polish, Greek, German, French and poetics, rhetoric, philosophy, mathematics, geography and other subjects.

There were educated people from cossacks, petty bourgeoisie, clergy and peasants. Chernihiv Collegium trained and prepared students as translators, writers, church leaders, physicians. Among graduates of Chernihiv Collegium there are names of about twenty well-known doctors of XVIII century.

In 1786 Chernihiv Collegium was reorganized into Chernihiv Seminary. During reconstruction of the collegium and its adaptation to various institutions after the elimination of Boris and Gleb Monastery were destroyed remnants of decorative details. During Second World War Chernihiv Collegium was burned.

In 1954-1959 Chernihiv Collegium was restored on base of the project of Kiev architect Marionila Hovdenko so to the facade of the collegium was added architectural decoration.

Now Chernihiv Collegium is House of Administration of National Architecture and Historical Reserve "Ancient Chernihiv". Here is located permanent exhibition of Ukrainian iconography.

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