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Buda Sights | Maksym Zaliznyak Oak | 1100 Years Old Oak
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Ukraine Buda Sights | Maksym Zaliznyak Oak | 1100 Years Old Oak
One of the oldest trees of Ukraine is 1100 years old oak - Maksym Zaliznyak Oak which grows near Buda village on the territory of Cold Ravine. The oak was named in honor of main leader of National Liberation Uprising Koliivschyna - Maksym Zaliznyak. Today Maksym Zaliznyak Oak is in the top ten list of ancient trees in Europe: height of 30 meters and girth of the trunk at height 130 cm - 9 meters.

Millennial age of Maksym Zaliznyak Oak left many marks on the trunk of ancient tree. The most large scars left lightnings that striked the oak. The traces are visible from top to bottom of the tree and part of the trunk has no bark.

The most terrible condition of Maksym Zaliznyak Oak was in the late 50s of XX century. Almost all surface of bark of the oak was in decay process. At this time near the oak paved the power line from Kamyanka to Melniky. Because Maksym Zaliznyak Oak was very large and rotten it was recommended to cut it down.

Thanks to Chief Forester of Kreseletskiy Forestry Alexander Nayda was made the most interesting treatment that saved life of Maksym Zaliznyak Oak. The idea of the oak treatment was simple and brilliant. Near the rotten oak was created the oven where cooked syrup with honey. With help of huge ladder syrup was poured on the oak trunk at night. The procedure took part every night during two weeks. Strong sweet smell of Maksym Zaliznyak Oak trunk attracted bees and soon bees made the great job - they took out the honey with rottenness so the oak bark was perfectly clean.

In 1968 with participation of Alexander Nayda was set security flooring around Maksym Zaliznyak Oak and wooden fence. First was done organic stimulation of the tree.

On 1st of November 1968 Cold Ravine was declared as natural monument of national importance and on 27th of June 1972 by order N367 Maksym Zaliznyak Oak was declared as nature attraction of local importance.

In 1989 was created Chyhyryn State Historical Cultural Reserve "Chyhyryn" with branch in Cold Ravine so workers of the reserve took care of the millennial oak.

In 2000 was approved the project of environmental rescue of Maksym Zaliznyak Oak. As part of the project was installed the new fence around the tree, held twice a year pruning of dry twigs, done conservation of cuts and added organic and mineral fertilizers.

As Maksym Zaliznyak Oak is a great tourist attraction and sight of Cherkassy Region it was created a viewing platform for tourists. The platform is located seven meters from the oak so all visitors could look at centenarian oak without harming the tree.

Oaks Worship

Slavs God of Thunder was Perun and his main symbol was "King-Oak" - mythological holder of axis of the world. The concept of the axis was vertical harmony that keep the world in balance. The circle was the symbol of wheel of time and space spinning on the axis led by God of Thunder Perun.

When the ritual wheel hung up on the oak it was recognized as sacred oak. It is well known the use of oak wreath as a solar symbol.

With God of Thunder Perun closely tied the concept of "Pravy" that means founded centralism - the essence of which is to balance the opposing tendencies in society. The rule of "Pravy" puts polar forces that are in a natural confrontation in dependence to each other. "Pravy" rule is the law of family creation and procreation between a man and a woman. As same as having two sides the vessel could stay in balance and has quality driving performance. Equality of spiritual and physical in man creates a truly harmonious personality. The world was created as a combination of various forms. Any exaltation of one part is a violation of the harmony of the world and cause of the collapse of ethical balance and equilibrium.

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