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Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi Sights | Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi Castle (Akkerman fortress)
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St. Michael's Monastery and Cathedral of Archangel Michael
Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi fortress (Akkerman fortress) is situated on the steep bank of the Dniester estuary on the ruins of the ancient Greek city of Tyre. It was originally built citadel fortress in the thirteenth century then in 1438-1454 years thousands of workers were building the walls under the guidance of the wizard Fedorko. The length of the outer city wall - almost two kilometers, the height - to seven meters and thickness - up to five meters. The height of the towers - up to eleven meters. Walls and other fortifications were built of local materials - limestone. Fortress is the largest in the Ukraine - 9 acres.

One of the four towers that make up the citadel people called "tower-dungeon" creating a thrilling story about the fate of some of beautiful Ukrainian women Paraskoveya.

According to legend the evil and arrogant ruler Uzun Pasha had unsuccessfully tried to convert a captive girl Paraskoveya in the Muhammadan faith. Paraskoveya was adamant she could not change the traditions of her nation. Then a beautiful and intelligent girl Uzun Pasha imprisoned in a cold damp dungeon. Many days and nights she sat there stoically endured. Sorrow and anguish but did not backsliding.

Once when Uzun Pasha was to Paraskoveya with the same offer shackles suddenly fell from the hands and feet of girls, dungeon suddenly opened and Paraskoveya taphole walk out of the gates. Uzun Pasha was dumbfounded. Recovering himself he sent in pursuit of custody. Janissaries found Paraskovja on the shore of the estuary. They have already raised their scimitars had to deal with the fugitive but then again a miracle happened. The girl had melted in the air and on the spot where she stood scored spring around which the pursuers were frozen and turned into stone statues. Over time they dried up the sun, the rain washed away and dispel wind. Only water source with clear water and today continues to beat out of the ground. After drinking from it the man allegedly takes heroic virtue and becomes invincible.

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