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Ukraine Baturin Sights | Kirill Razumovsky Palace
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Ukraine Baturin Sights | Kirill Razumovsky Palace
On the eve of Independence Day of Ukraine on 22nd of August 2009 at Kirill Razumovsky Palace in Baturin Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko has opened for tourists the only palace in Ukraine of Ukrainian Hetman as a part of "Hetman Capital Reserve". Hetman was the highest military office and head of state in Ukraine Cossack Hetmanate.

Shortly after election of Kirill Razumovsky as Hetman of Ukraine he decided to move the capital of Cossack State from Glukhov to Baturin where was started construction of great architectural complex.

In autumn 1764 the Empress Catherine II ousted Kirill Razumovsky of Hetman power and started a determined offensive against the remnants of the political autonomy of Left-Bank Ukraine. In these circumstances for Hetman Kirill Razumovsky was forbidden to visit his homeland. So only in 1794 when political situation have changed - Kirill Razumovsky returned to Baturin to create a grand Kirill Razumovsky Palace and park ensemble. For the construction of architectual complex Kirill Razumovsky invited one of the leading architects - Charles Cameron on base of which project from 1799 till 1803 continued large-scale construction work. Kirill Razumovsky Palace - is the only creation of the outstanding architect in Ukraine.

A three-storey Kirill Razumovsky Palace built in the classical style and was the dominant of the complex and large park. The main facade of the palace decorated with portico of eight Ionic columns. From here there was a beautiful view to Seym River. Kirill Razumovsky Palace represented the unity of architecture and landscape.

After the death of Kirill Razumovsky in January 1803 the palace was left without proper care and all works were stopped. In 1824 the fire destroyed almost all interiors of the palace.

In 1908 at XIV All-Russian Archaeological Congress it was suggested to make the resonstruction of Kirill Razumovsky Palace. Since 1911 the palace came under the tutelage of "Society in Protection and Preservation of Russian Works of Art and Antiquities". In 1909 Beturin was visited by grandson of Kirill Razumovsky - Kamil Razumovsky who provided funds for the restoration of the palace where he wanted to create Museum of Folk Art. Saint Petersburg architect Alexander Bilogrud worked for the restoration project and under his leadership the restoration work continued until 1913.

In August 1923 Kirill Razumovsky Palace suffered a major fire, in the first half of twentieth century outbuildings of the palace were destroyed.

During Second World War of 1941-1945 were damaged architectural facade - decorative elements of Kirill Razumovsky Palace. In the second half of XX century there were several attempts of restoration of the palace but the restorations has not been completed.

In 2001-2002 at the initiative of Prime-Minister of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko has developed a comprehensive program of preservation of monuments of "Hetman Capital Reserve" which started in 2003 - it was the seventh attempt of restoration of Kirill Razumovsky Palace but the only one that was successfully finished. Until 2009 it was made a huge amount of restoration works and Kirill Razumovsky Palace the second time in its history shone original beauty.

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