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Cembalo Fortress
Genoese Cembalo Fortress was built in the period from 1357 to 1433. Located on a high rocky steep bank of the Black Sea near the entrance to the Bay of Balaklava. In the mid-fourteenth century Genoese ensuring their dominance in the East coast of the Crimean by fortress of Kafa (Feodosia) attempted to subdue the West part of the peninsula taking the old Greek fishing village situated in a narrow and extremely convenient Syumbolon bay. Here the Genoese established trading posts and built a fortress that dominates the height of the entire bay and named it Chembalo. In 1475 the fortress was captured by Turks. They gave the settlement the name of the Balik-Juve (fish-nest) hence the current name of the city - Balaklava.

For the first time is a cozy village is mentioned in the "Odyssey" of Homer. The ancient Greeks named the bay Syumbolon Limni - Harbour omens and symbols. It is assumed that this was Lamos - port mythical listrigonov faced cunning Odysseus and his companions during his wanderings.

Cembalo Fortress consisted of two walled cities: the Lower - Giorgi and Upper - Nicholas. The Lower town was surrounded by a fortified wall which ran along the bay and then went up the hill to the Upper town. The Upper city occupied a rocky area at the top of the cape over the cliff to the sea. This part of the fortress was the citadel. In the citadel was a consular castle the main structure of which was 15 meters high Consular tower. Because of its unusual structure locals call it - "Tower in a skirt." The Tower has in her basement water tank which was supplied by pipeline from a neighboring pottery mountains.

In the Crimean War during the siege of Sebastopol Balaklava Bay in the British fleet was based. English first paved in the Crimea railroad from Balaklava to the forward positions, built spacious quays, roads, installed telegraph communication with London and Paris, have built up the embankment, shops and hotels. Then and became known as the ancient harbor "Little London".

Legends go on treasure of English frigate "Black Prince". On the night of November 24, 1854 in the Balaklava broke out unprecedented hurricane and storm and many ships that failed to enter the bay, crashed on the rocks by the Chembalo Castle. Among them was the legendary frigate "Black Prince" on board which ostensibly was gold - salary for the entire army.

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