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Arabatskaya Arrow Sights | Sivash Bay and Salt Lakes
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Arabatskaya Arrow - Salt lakes
In Ukraine on the territory of the sand spit Arabatskaya arrow there are many small lakes with salt water which are located very close to Schastlivtsevo village.

Here you can swim in clean salt waters which is constantly updated through underground sources.

Due to the high concentration of salt floating person can not drown because if you dive into the depths of the lake the water quickly brings to the surface.
Feeling just amazing!

Salt - one of the riches that nature has generously endowed Arabatskaya arrow in Ukraine. In the XV-XVI centuries almost all of Ukraine and Russia were supplied with salt from the Arabatskaya arrow.

The main sellers of solt were the cossacks. They drove in their carriages to the lakes themselves and the salt was mined by hand. The cossacks who transport solt from Arabatskaya arrow to Ukraine and Russia called "Chumaky".

Salt was mined in the north and south of Arabatskaya arrow. In the north - the salt is mined from the lakes, in the south - from Sivash Bay.

The study of the waters of Sivash Bay showed that it is concentrated waters of the Azov Sea. They were formed as a result of intensive evaporation and therefore increase the concentration of salts in Sivash water. This is understandable because Sivash Bay is a vast shallow bay with lots of peninsulas, capes, bays and it is connected to Azov Sea by narrow strait at the northern end of the Arabatskaya arrow.

The Sivash Bay divided in Western and Eastern Sivash. The Eastern Sivash is located close to Arabatskaya arrow. The total length of the Eastern Sivash - about 117 km, width - 2 to 35 km, the area - 1430 square kilometers. It should be noted that the depth of the Eastern Sivash almost everywhere negligible only the central part of the southern half of the plots are a depth of 2-2.5 meters in some places up to 3 meters.

Azov water salinity of 1.1 percent through the strait flows in the Sivash Bay and moves to the west and south by two Sivash branches. Salinity at the same time it increases continuously. Here's a comparison measuring salinity of the water: Chongar strait - 4.23, Schastlivtsevo village - 6.18 , Strelkovoe village - 6.37, Valok village - 9.29, Shakalinskoe narrowing - 9.72, 20 kilometers north of the Solyanoe village - 13.32, at the Arabat fortress - 16.25.

Each year more than 12 million tonnes of salt enters the Sivash Bay.

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