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Alushta Sights | Miracle Monster Fish Whale Fountain
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Ukraine Alushta Sights - Miracle Monster Fish Whale Fountain
In Crimea in Alushta during the Soviet era by architect S.Mischenko and with the participation of the artist P.Greiser was created an unique fountain "Chudo Yudo Riba Kyt" (Miracle Monster Fish Whale).

The fountain was built in 1977 on base of popular fairy tale "Humpbacked Horse" written in 1834 by writer Peter Ershov.

Fountain "Chudo Yudo Riba Kyt" (Miracle Monster Fish Whale) is designed as a large whale with an open mouth. The entire surface of whale is covered with wonderful colorful mosaic. By small path past the wide-tooth plates and can go straight into the jaws of the whale and pass it through. The whale sculpture is covered with mosaics in inner surface of the fountain. On the back of whale stream of water going up creating a sense of fairy-tale live creature that impress not only children but also adults.

What kind of fairy tale character - "Chudo Yudo Riba Kyt" (Miracle Monster Fish Whale)? The plot of the fairy tale "Humpbacked Horse" tells the following.

A farmer lived in one village. He had three sons: the elder Danilo - a smart, middle Gabriel - "so so " and the youngest Ivan - a fool. Brothers transported wheat to the capital of kingdom and sell. But something happens: someone at night starts to trample down the crops. The brothers decide to take turns on duty in the field. Senior and middle brothers fearing bad weather and cold go back home so fast so nothing was found out. The youngest brother Ivan at midnight saw a white mare with a long golden mane. Ivan jumped up on mare's back and the mare is started gallop. Unable to shake off Ivan mare asks to let her go promising to give him three horses: two - handsome and the third - Humpbacked Horse with two humps - it will be Ivan's best friend, helper and protector. Ivan agreed and three days later the mare gives birth to three horses.

The King of the kingdom wanted to marry the beautiful Princess but the Princess demanded that the King find her ring on the ocean floor . The king immediately sent Ivan to the ocean to find the ring during three days. The princess asked Ivan on the way to bow to her father "Moon" and her brother "Sun". And the next day Ivan and Humpbacked Horse hit the road.

Driving up to the ocean they saw a huge whale that it lies in the ocean. It was - "Chudo Yudo Riba Kyt" (Miracle Monster Fish Whale). All sides of whale were palisades hammered on the back, there was a village with wooden homes, farmers plow on the lip of a whale, boys danced between whale's eyes and girls gather mushrooms in the oak forest between whale's whiskers.

Upon learning that the travelers are directed to the "Sun" palace "Chudo Yudo Riba Kyt" (Miracle Monster Fish Whale) asks them to know for what sins it suffers. Ivan promised it to him. Soon they drove up to the "Sun" palace. Ivan enters the palace and sent princess's greetings to her father "Moon". "Moon" was very happy to hear about the missing daughter. When asked about the fate of "Chudo Yudo Riba Kyt" (Miracle Monster Fish Whale) "Moon" says that ten years ago this whale had swallowed three dozen of ships and if he will release them - will be forgiven.

Ivan and Humpbacked Horse ride back to the whale and let him know the words of "Moon". Residents quickly leave the village and the whale let ships floats off his belly. The whale is finally free and asks Ivan what he can to please him. Ivan asks him to get to the bottom of the ocean and bring him the Princess's ring. "Chudo Yudo Riba Kyt" (Miracle Monster Fish Whale) sends sturgeon search all of the oceans. Finally after a long search sturgeon found chest with a ring...

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