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Alupka Sights | Vorontsov Palace
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Ukraine Alupka Sights - Vorontsov Palace
In Crimea near the center of Alupka there is majestic Vorontsov Palace - a unique monument of architecture of the first half of the XIX century. The palace is surrounded by a beautiful park which begins near the coast and gradually goes to rocks. Vorontsov Palace fits into the landscape that formed the impression that this creation of nature.

The whole complex was built as a summer residence of Count Mikhail Semenovich Vorontsov. That of which Aleksandr Pushkin created the well-known epigram in 1823:

Semi-lord, semi-merchant
Semi-wise, semi-ignorant...

By creating palace and the park around it he wanted to impress not only his contemporaries but also posterity: 9 000 000 silver rubles - that was the value of the estate back in 1848. They say a good friend of the count once joked that everything can be done cheaper. Vorontsov replied in all seriousness: "I want to make it expensive. And no questions!"

For the architectual plan of the palace Vorontsov hired an expensive English architect Edward Blore famous for the creation of Sir Walter Scott castle in Scotland. Blore without having to travel to Alupka based on sketches made an ingenious design of Vorontsov palace.

Creating of the park around Vorontsov palace cost him four times more than the palace and the park was planted by German gardener Karl Kebah. Looking at the ponds, fountains, shady alleys of the Vorontsov park it's hard to imagine that before this place was stone rubble.

In front of the southern facade of Vorontsov palace there are flower beds and numerous fountains: Fountain of Tears which is a variant of the famous Bakhchisarai Fountain, "Sink" fountain, Fountain of Cupids, "Cat's Eye" source. Reinforces the impression of a terrace with six white marble lions. The most impres sculpture is sleeping lion sculpture. Count Vorontsov liked the sculptures very much and the inscription on the pedestal says that all six sculptures made of Carrara marble in the studio of the famous Italian sculptor Bonnani.

During the Yalta Conference Winston Churchill strolling through the park and drew attention to the sculpture of sleeping lion: "Someone that lion reminds me ... I know - it is me." He offered to Iosif Stalin to sell sleeping lion sculpture. What immediately came the reply: "We do not sell national property!"

Famous russian poet Aleksandr Pushkin was in love with the wife of Count Vorontsov - Elizabeth and she answered him in return. On the day of parting she gave him a talisman - mysterious carnelian ring with hebrew inscription carved in stone. Aleksandr Pushkin vowed not to part with it ever...

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