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Carpathian Tourist Train Tour | Carpathian Tram
Travel operating narrow gauge railway in Carpathians
Carpathian Tourist Train Tour | Carpathian Tram |  Travel operating narrow gauge railway in Carpathians

Carpathian Tourist Train Tour "Carpathian Tram" invites tourists to travel Carpathian narrow gauge railway that will carry along the shores of picturesque places of clean Carpathian River Mizunka.

For a classic route of four hours Vyhoda - Dubovyi Kut tourists can visit hydrological nature reserve "Shyrkovets", taste healing mineral water of source "Naftusya" and spring water of mountain stream "Dzyurkach", can swim near the beautiful mountain waterfalls.

Carpathian Tourist Train Tour "Carpathian Tram" classical route take part 11:00-15:00 and 15:00-19:00 every Sunday all year around.

Mountain route of Carpathian Tourist Train "Carpathian Tram" is usually eight hours -10:00 - 18:00 with way through Shyrkovets, Old and New Mizun, Duboviy Kut, Solotvino, Myndunok and Sobol to Magura tract.

In Solotvino forestry tourists visit the chapel which was built on the site of the first salt deposits of XI century. At the stop Myndunok guides talk about old logging features, arrange visiting of old buildings. At the final stop there is a picnic. On the way back toursists can visit the ornithological reserve in Dzyurkach tract.

Spiritual enrichment awaits for anyone who visits an old church in Patsykiv or Tserkovysche mountain where in 1360 was built one of monasteries for protection against attacks of Tatars and Carpathian trails will lead to the historic sites of the First and Second World Wars.

About Mizun Narrow Gauge Railway

Mizun Narrow Gauge Railway which is now used by tourists for Carpathian Tourist Train Tour "Carpathian Tram" has launched an Austrian entrepreneur Baron Leopold von Popper Podhari in 1886. Baron moved from Hungary to Galicia head office of his enterprise which specializes in harvesting, processing and marketing of wood.

In addition to Baron Leopold von Popper Podhari narrow railway in Carpathians actively developed Barons Hredli - in Skole Beskydy and Count Potocki - in Osmoloda. For 20 years entrepreneurs have paved threen narrow gauge railways. 

World War I forced the owners of Carpathian narrow gauge railways return to Austria. So enterprises of Baron Leopold von Popper Podhari transferred to JSC "Silviniya" belonged to United Kingdom. The company not only continued to build narrow railways but opened it to tourists from all Europe.

In 1920 in the valley of Mizunka River began working 3rd narrow gauge railway. This scenic railway of 24 km led to Sobol station (today - Myndunok) and held in 5 major bridges. By 1939 Vygoda branch of narrow gauge railway has length of 65 km and acquired recreational infrastructure for tourists. The first cars of narrow gauge railway were driven by horses. Only later horses were replaced by power locomotives.

You could take part in Carpathian Train Tour with Ukraine Tour | Romantic of Carpathians (4 days / 3 nights tour).

Carpathian Tourist Train Tour Itinerary

Day 1

Transfer of hotel in Lviv early in the morning to Vyhoda by private car/minibus. Carpathian Tourist Train Tour "Carpathian Tram" by operating narrow gauge railway in Carpathians. On the way views of Reserve Swamp "Shyrkovets" (7 km), visit New Mizun taste of mineral water springs "Horyanka" (2 km), stop Dubovyi Kut tract and holding maneuvers (5 km). Meal in cafe with Ukrainian music. On way back to Vyhoda visit Mizunka Waterfalls (2 km), stop at the source "Dzyurkach" (1 km), visit sanatorium in New Mizun (2 km), arrive to Vyhoda. Transfer of Vyhoda to Lviv hotel.

Departure dates: every Sunday all year around

Carpathian Tourist Train Tour | Carpathian Tourist Train Route
Carpathian Tram Train on Narrow Gauge Railway in Vyhoda, Carpathians | Video
Total cost of tour Carpathian Tourist Train Tour "Carpathian Tram". Terms and conditions

Price and dates on your request depends on number of tourists in the group.

The tour itinerary could be change during the tour depends on situation and weather conditions.

Total cost includes:

  • all transfers to/from Vyhoda
  • English speaking guide

Total cost not includes:

  • insurance (could be purchase in Lviv before the tour)
  • optional activities on the tour route
  • souvenirs and personal expenses
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