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Lviv Tour "Ways of Lviv Trams" | Gotha T59E | Sanok SN-1 | 30.11.2014

Lviv Tour Ways of Lviv Trams | Gotha T59E | Sanok SN-1 | 30.11.2014

On 30th of November 2014 in Lviv will be held Lviv Tour "Ways of Lviv Trams"- trip on historic tram "CKD-Tatra T4SU" № 869 by route of first horse tram line in Lviv.

Lviv Tour "Ways of Lviv Trams" will start at Lviv Railway Station, next drive on Chernivezka St, Horodotcka St, Yaroslav Osmomysl Square, then Pidvalna St, Vynnychenka St and Lychakivska St to the final stop "Pasichna St".

In the opposite direction the tram route will pass the oldest existing city tram route "Lychakiv - Lviv Railway Station" which was established 120 years ago - on 30th of November 1894.

During the tour guides of NGO "Lviv citizens for electric transport" tell the story of first Lviv horse tram, about construction of tram line "Lychakiv - Lviv Railway Station" and the birth of Lviv trolleybus routes (the first drive of trolleybus on Lviv was on 27th of November 1952).

After Lviv Tour "Ways of Lviv Trams" participants will visit Old Tram Depot where will examine tram-rarities "Sanok SN-1" № 093 (1909 year - the oldest active Lviv tram), "Gotha T59E" № 002 (1960 model year - the only tram this model in Ukraine restoration which was started by activists of NGO "Lviv citizens for electric transport"), "CKD-Tatra KT4SU" № 1001 (the very first tram prototype of this model) and a contact network tower № 020 based on bogie frame and the very first electric tram in Lviv "Siemmens@Galske".

The participants of the tour will travel from Tram Depot № 1 to Lviv Railway Station by historical tram "Gotha T59E" № 002.

Gathering participants for excursion - from 10:30 to 11:00 am at the last stop "Lviv Railway Station" of trams number 1, 6, 9, 10. Lviv Tour "Ways of Lviv Trams" will start at 11:00.

During the tour will be held to raise funds for restoration of Lviv historic trams and arrangement of Lviv Museum of Electric Transport.

Organizers of Lviv Tour "Ways of Lviv Trams"

NGO "Lviv citizens for electric transport"
Lviv Railway Station
Lviv, Ukraine

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