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Terpinnya Sights | Kamyana Mohyla | Stone Grave | Stonehenge
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Terpinnya Sights | Kamyana Mohyla | Stone Grave | Stonehenge
Kamyana Mohyla or Stone Grave is a huge accumulation of sand boulders and unique monument of ancient history and culture as well as nature - Ukrainian Stonehenge.

14 million years ago Sarmat Sea retreating exposed the sandy hill which over time turned into a solid monolith. Under the influence of sun, wind and rain the hill began to crack. The big boulders slowly began to slip to the ground. As a result a large number of grottoes and caves formed in Kamyana Mohyla.

These grottoes have always attracted people. Various ancient Paleolithic tribes, hunters of era of Copper and Bronze and later steppe nomads Cimmerians, Scythians, Sarmatians, Huns and other tribes settled near Kamyana Mohyla using it as a sanctuary. Priests before each important event rose to ancient slopes to carry out magic rites.

In 68 grottoes and caves of Kamyana Mohyla there is a large number of petroglyphic complexes - unique examples of primitive art. More than 3000 paintings from Stone Age to Bronze Age and later create a unique historical gallery.

In this gallery there in Grotto Bull there are plates on which featured harnessed bulls, plate of traces with drawings of human dipes, horse plates with horses depicting the first riders on them in Europe as well as separate petroglyphs of carriages, boats, wild animals, solar symbols, scenes of hunting and more.

Based on scientific studies scientists have proven that Kamyana Mohyla is a powerful emitter of energy. On the top of the hill there are 5 stones with positive energy and only one - with a negative.

At various times Kamyana Mohyla was visited by Supreme Lama of Nepal, prominent ocean explorer Jacques Cousteau and other representatives of national and world elites.

Recently Kamyana Mohyla National Reserve became the real center of archaeological and historical science in Zaporizhzhya region. Every year starting in 1932 archaeological expeditions are being held here allowing to discover new monuments of ancient cultures. A unique phenomenon was the discovery of the oldest on Earth so-called "Proto Sumerian Literacy".

Kamyana Mohyla is located near Azov Sea and has every reason to become an international center of tourism in the south of Ukraine.

Kamyana Mohyla Legend

Hero Bogur blamed in front of One Sky and One Sky punished the hero - ordered him to take huge stone plates from the mountain ridge and lay down a mountain on banks of Milk River of such height from which all sides could be seen the steppe. For the quickest completion of work the hero resorted to the tricks - did not stack the stones tightly. When more than half of the mountain was already built Bogur trampling the boulder stumbled and fell into the gap, stuck there and died of hunger. Such a punishment has struck him for wanting to deceive One Sky.

After that the wind filled by sand all cracks between the rocks and covered the body of Bogur. It is said that it is precisely his bones are still clenched between stones. The place began to be called Stone Grave or in other words Kamyana Mohyla.

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