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Ternopil Sights | Church of Nativity (1608)
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Ternopil Sights | Church of Nativity (1608)
Wooden Serednya Church in Ternopil for the first time documentary mentioned in 1566 in charter of Sigismund II Augustus as one of the city's fortifications near ramparts.

After grand fire in Ternopil in the place of a wooden church in 1602 began construction of a stone church which lasted six years.

For building of Church of Nativity was invited master Leontyi and funds of amount of 1916 gold coins were collected by local parishioners via Prince of Ostrog. The consecration of Church of Nativity was committed in 1609 in honor of Nativity of Christ.

In the middle of XVII century began gradual rebuilding of the church. The first step was the construction of a building on the south side in 1660 for needs of local brotherhood.

In the beginning of XVIII century to Church of Nativity added two semi-circular towers and divided the church into two churches: the first floor - Holy Trinity Church (Greek Catholic) and ground floor - Church of Nativity (Orthodox).

Until 1770 both religions live peacefully under one roof when Church of Nativity is completely transferred at disposal of Greek Catholics. It is interesting that until 1808 the church still had two floors when the floor slabs were dismantled.

At the beginning of XIX century near Church of Nativity was built two-tier bell tower and in the western part of the church added outbuilding. In first half of XX century for better lighting of altar cut two small windows in walls of the church. In 1937 was made complete restoration of Church of Nativity.

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