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Festival Faine Misto 2015 | On 3rd-5th of July 2015 near Ternopil

Festival Faine Misto 2015 | On 3rd-5th of July 2015 near Ternopil

On 3rd - 5th of July 2015 on territory of Ternopil International Airport will take place Festival Faine Misto 2015 - one of the greatest music festivals of Ukraine on five stages.

The festival organizers confirmed participation of more than seventy music bands as Ukrainian as Sweden, Australian, Austrian, Russian and Belarusian

Festival Faine Misto 2015 Participants

Skryabin and friends, Boombox, BRUTTO (Belarus-Ukraine) ELYZYUM (Russia), THE HARDKISS, O. TORVALD, DAVE EVANS - first vocalist AC / DC (Australia), ALL FACES DOWN (Austria), Carney, Tabula Rasa , Purple, Sun Shade, EPOLETS, Fleet, BRUNETTES SHOOT BLONDES, VIVIENNE MORT, TAPE FLAKES, Hapochka, Toaster, RIDEAU (Sweden), JINJER, SKINHATE, MORPHINE SUFFERING, LATUR, SCRATCH THE FLOOR, DIMICANDUM, BRAINCOATS (Sweden), O'Hamsters, One in Cfnoe, HELL:ON, MAiAK, NASTYAZNYKAYE, D / C TRAIN - AC / DC tribute, BLOOD BROTHERS - IRON MAIDEN tribute, WIND OF CHANGE - SCORPIONS tribute, Ritchie barbed - RAMMSTEIN tribute, PANIVALKOVA, Heart Attack, MARIJA CHEBA, Reach, SCIANA (Belarus), SHELDON COOPER - SUM 41 tribute, ZAPASKA, Rolliks, LIKA BUGAEVA, DAKOOKA, SECRET AVENUE, SCREAM INC. - METALLICA tribute, LAKEWAY, SALE ONLY, EBOLA, RATBITE, ERIS IS MY HOMEGIRL, HDPE, CHEROKEY, ANNA, PIANO, SWITCH ON THE LIGHT, LOS COLORADOS, White Tower, Shmir Soundsystem, Ausweis Controller, PJN SOUND & MC JAMPYTA MAN, Whatafunk Crew, Nazar-I, DJAmaica, DREAD, Dubmasta & Boochyaman, Max Rudskoy, PlusStepper.

On the territory of Festival Faine Misto 2015 will work camping which is guarded around the clock. Organizers also provide drinking water, firewood and proper protection.

Organizers of Festival Faine Misto 2015

Festival Faine Misto Team
International Airport Ternopil
Ternopil, Ukraine

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