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Sedniv Sights | Saint George Church | Wooden Without Nails
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Sedniv Sights | Saint George Church | Wooden Without Nails
Hilltop of Sedniv is one of the finest wooden churches of Ukraine - St George's Church. The church was built by craftsmen in 17th-18th century. St George's Church is considered one of the best works of folk architecture.

St George's Church stands on ancient Sednev settlement surrounded on all sides by steep slopes. During the existence of the church it is its third location - because every time lightning struck the church - it have been transported to a new location. For this the church is partially dismantled and using carts pulled by oxen transported to a new location.

Name of St George's Church confirms its antiquity as the tradition of consecration of temples in Greek names dates back to before mongolsim times.

St. George for centuries portrayed winning snake is a symbol of defenders of native land. Sedniv Cossack regiment before the long march consecrated weapon in St. George's Church in 17th-18th century.

Wooden churches are short-lived but it was time when they were in almost every village in Ukraine. Today preserved a small number of wooden churches built without a single nail.

When mention St. George's Church in Sedniv then remember Soviet film "Viy" filmed in 1967 on base of Nikolai Gogol's novel.

At St. George's Church acted the first Sedniv school and hospital so it was a important center of cultural, social and religious in Sedniv for all times.

Sedniv famous Stone Cross is directly related to St. George's Church. According to legend Magi stone for the cross was brought from Khortytsia for two years and then has been created during about two years. Cross was raised for Ataman of Cossack's hundreds which came in 15th century in Sedniv. It happened that on Dyakova mountain the cross stood near St. George's Church which was later moved and during Soviet Union the cross was moved to Resurrection Church.

In 19th century bell tower was added to St. George's Church that because of the fire was burned and at the moment is not preserved.

When the unique St. George's Church began to deteriorate it was decided to complete its restoration. To do this in 2004 the church was completely disassembled and then reassembled again.

From the very first St. George's Church remained 50% wooden beams, arch of main entrance and altar boards. There is an Interesting story about altar boards. After filming of "Viy" St. George's Church gradually began to disassemble by locals for firewood. Altar board sawed into three pieces and put in the wall of a shed. Through time the shed burned to the ground and when firefighters arrived it was practically nothing of it. But parts of altar board with the inscription were not affected by fire and by the time were transferred to St. George's Church.

Today the church belongs to the community of Sedniv. One of the families of community is hereditary keeper of St. George's Church. Thanks to their initiative in the church was opened a small archaeological museum. Here you can see the nails of 18th century which were used for repair of wooden churches. You can see the attributes of Cossacks in ancient times - Cossack crucifix, tobacco pipes, weapons and photographs of St. George's Church in 1920-1970 years.

Before the long march during the war Cossacks were hung crucifixes on Icon of Mother of God and with them took a small bundle of native ground. When returning from a war they took crucifixes back and crucifixes of lost Cossacks remained on Icon of Mother of God.

St. George's Church is in the final stage of restoration process but today tourists and visitors of Ukraine could see unique example of folk architecture - St. George's Church in Sedniv.

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