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Odessa Jazzfest 2013 | On 19th-22th of September 2013 in Odessa, Ukraine

Odessa Jazzfest 2013 | On 19th-22th of September 2013 in Odessa, Ukraine

On 19th - 22th of September 2013 in Odessa, Ukraine will take place Odessa Jazzfest 2013 with a large Open Air Concert in the City Park.

Expanding the boundaries and going beyond the walls of concert halls to the streets of the city Odessa JazzFest 2013 starts on 19th of September 2013 at 18:30. Live sound, free entry and jazz for every taste in the heart of the city of jazz! The first will perform musicians of quintet Liberty from Transnistria.

Then the main intrigue of Odessa Jazzfest 2013 - a special program of world-class musicians, star of European jazz, Bulgarian composer and saxophonist Anatoly Vapirov "Odessa Songs". There will be specially created for the project of Anatoly Vapirov jazz arrangements of popular songs about Odessa which will be performed together with Big Band of the Main Office of Interior Ministry in Odessa region.

The names of the soloists of the project are well known in Odessa: pianist Yuri Kuznetsov, saxophonist Andrew Mishakov and Ruslan Tsybulsky, trumpeter Miroslav Pyatnikov, pianist and accordionist Alexander Kovalev. Conductors of Odessa Jazzfest 2013 are Anatoly Vapirov and Konstantin Byalkovsky.

Next another "Odessa Block" concert: the President of Odessa Jazzfest 2013 Yuri Kuznetsov along with beautiful jazz singer from Odessa - Anastasia Bukina and Anna Tkach will perform timeless jazz standards and favorite songs from the repertoire of Tatiana Boevaya. A world champion in step Alexander Ostanin remind all that jazz should be not only to play and sing but also to dance!

The following members of Open Air Concert in the City Park - Georgian-Ukrainian project Asea Sool - last year many viewers were not able to sit in their chairs and danced while the jazz! The final band of jazz marathon performance will be Odessa Band - Jam Band. The repertoire of Jam Band - Gypsy and Balkan rhythms, melodies and Odessa's most famous retro jazz.

The main program of Odessa Jazzfest 2013 will start on 20th of September 2013 at the Great Hall of Odessa Regional Philharmonic. Every year Odessa Jazzfest opens to audience new jazz countries and new names. This year for the first time in Odessa will perform jazz musicians from Cuba, United Kingdom and Canada.

Refined intellectual jazz of musicians from Benedikt Jahnel Trio (Germany - Canada - Spain), lyricism of Polish pianist Kuba Stankiewicz Quartet (Poland), gypsy jazz of guitarist from Dario Pinelli & BinarioSwing (Italy), Cuban rhythms of Omar Puente Quintet, Indian folk jazz flavored with spices from Ahimsa (India - Germany).

Modern piano jazz of Benjamin Faugloire Project and a true classic American jazz of singer from Unites States - Lisa Henry Quartet and Oleg Butman Trio (Russia). In the public of Odessa Jazzfest 2013 will have a great opportunity to listen to a future of European jazz during play of two young teams from Switzerland (Roman Tulei Trio) and Ukraine (FKP Trio).

Odessa Jazzfest 2013 Program

September, 19, 2013, Thursday

18:30 - Open Air Concert. Opening Festival, Deribasovskaya Street at City Park
- Quintet Liberty (Transnistria)
- Anatoly Vapirov & MVD Big band (Bulgaria - Ukraine)
- Yuri Kuznetsov - Anastasia Bukin - Anne Tkach (Ukraine)
- Asea Sool (Georgia - Ukraine)
- Alexander Ostanin (Ukraine)
- Jam Band (Ukraine)

September, 20, 2013, Friday

Odessa Regional Philharmonic, Bunina Str., 15
18:00 - Roman Tulei Trio (Switzerland)
19:00 - FKP Trio (Ukraine)
20:00 - Omar Puente Quintet (Cuba)

September, 21, 2013, Saturday

13:00 - Master Class of Larry Applebaum (USA), Odessa Museum of Western and Oriental Art, Pushkin Str., 9

Odessa Regional Philharmonic, Bunina Str., 15
18:00 - Benedikt Jahnel Trio (Germany - Canada - Spain)
19:00 - Ahimsa (India - Germany)
20:00 - Lisa Henry Quartet (United States - Russia)

September, 22, 2013, Sunday

Odessa Regional Philharmonic, Bunina Str., 15
18:00 - Dario Pinelli & BinarioSwing (Italy)
19:00 - Kuba Stankiewicz Quartet (Poland)
20:00 - Benjamin Faugloire Project (France)

Organizer of Odessa Jazzfest 2013 in Odessa, Ukraine

Yuri Kuznetsov
Odesa City Park
Odesa, Ukraine

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