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Pique Vests Festival 2014 | On 31st of August 2014 in Odessa

Pique Vests Festival 2014 | On 31st of August 2014 in Odessa

On 31st of August 2014 in Odessa will take place Pique Vests Festival 2014 named Igor Gankevich on stage "Beacon Lights" (Taras Shevchenko Park) at 17:00.

History of Pique Vests Festival

Festival Pique Vests is held since 1991 in memory of the famous Odessa rock musician and leader of music band "Bastion" Igor Gankevich.

In the early 80s Igor organized a group "Illusion" which since 1984 changed its name to "Bastion" and under this name entered the history of Soviet rock music.

Group had a triple name - "Bastion - Benzion - Benya Krik" (in honor of the famous hero of "Odessa Tales" by Isaac Babel). In Odessa the group also called "Gang of Moldavanka".

Musicians of "Bastion": Igor Gankevich (guitar, vocals, songwriter), Vyacheslav Raczynski (vocals, guitar), Sergey Rogovets (bass), Vitaly Gomchakovsky (drums).This is a group of high school friends who played hard rock and heavy metal as an alternative to the disco and spent in Odessa their childhood in the every corner of it.

The first success came to the group in 1985 with the songs "Monologue of Old Rocker", "Multiplication Table", "Break-Dance" - small and humorous sketches of life of Odessa rockers.

In 1986 through the efforts of a successful producer Sergey Rogovets the group arrives to Moscow where performeded at concerts and recitals and several festivals. In Odessa itself "Bastion" group becomes a cult band and the army of fans is growing like a snowball in Ukraine.

In 1988 Sergey Rogovets leaves the stage and in the group came Vladimir Kovalenko (guitar) and Konstantin Kotsap (bass). Igor Gankevich wrote a couple of great hits - "In Memory of Victims of Restructuring" and "Remember How in Odessa were Crabs..." Everyone - professionals and the public tipped "Bastion" in the major rock bands of Ukraine but then disaster strikes in August 1990 Igor Gankevich dies.

In his spare time Igor Gankevitch worked as loader in the port of Odessa and at one point his heart stopped under heavy load... Without Gankevicha group breaks. Studio recordings the group has not. In front of one of the festivals already in 90s left a disc containing a rehearsal and concert recordings of "Bastion" and quickly became a rarity.

Igor Gankevich was one of the founders of Odessa rock club. Group "Bastion" for all its activities until 1990 was one of the leaders in Odessa rock club participated in many rock festivals both local and outside Ukraine.

Song of Igor Gankevich "Walk on Odessa" entered the repertoire of "Chizh" group and became known throughout all post USSR countries. At the moment the song opens and closes Festivals Pique Vests.

Pique Vests Festival 2014 Music Groups

  • Krater (Odessa)
  • Well (Odessa)
  • PSDPP (Odessa)
  • Anebo (Kiev)
  • Znaydeni Rechi (Izmail)
  • Blooming Plum (Odessa)
  • Druzhe Muziko (Odessa)
  • Parallax (Kiev)

Organizers of Pique Vests Festival 2014

Pique Vests Team
Taras Shevchenko Park
Odesa, Ukraine

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