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Odessa Museum of History opened in Powder Tower on 9th of November 2014

Odessa Museum of History opened in Powder Tower on 9th of November 2014

On 9th of November 2014 in Odessa was opened Odessa Museum of History restored in the building of Powder Tower to Day of Odessa. On the walls of the museum are located engravings, antique maps and the first pictures of Odessa.

In 1970-1980 in Powder Tower was a small but very informative Museum of Anniversaries of History of Odessa created by renowned local historian and collector Rudolf Tsiporkis. He had truly encyclopedic knowledge in matters of history of Odessa. Only vintage postcards of Odessa there was a collection of more than 1500 items.

In 1990 the museum and Powder Tower burned and gradually began to come in debilitated.

Now Odessa Museum of History opened its doors to residents, tourists and visitors of Odessa.

History of Odessa Quarantine

Quarantine in the current Taras Shevchenko Park was completed in 1807. It was located near Odessa fortresses abolished in 1811. Quarantine was separated from the city by stone wall with two towers at the ends of which. Downstairs was a quarantine harbor where located ships with patients.

Powder Tower got its name of the fact that there were stored gunpowder during the observation of ships.

Next to Quarantine facilities were cemetery existed for almost 100 years. It was here found the last resting defenders of Odessa died April 10, 1854 during the bombardment of Odessa by British-French squadron.

Also in the cemetery are buried 77 members of Alma battles that preceded the heroic defense of Sevastopol. At the same cemetery were the graves of sailors of British frigate "Tiger".

Remains of the walls of Quarantine turned into arcade in the second half of XIX century when this area became Taras Shevchenko Park.

Organizers of Odessa Museum of History

Odesa City Council
Powder Tower
Odesa, Ukraine

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