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Airliner An-2 be available for charter after June 1, 2017

Airliner Antonov An-2 Charters | General View

In Odessa, Ukraine Airliner Antonov An-2 for 12 passengers is available for private and group charters to Ukrainian cities: Kiev, Lviv, Dnipro, Zaporizhia, Kharkiv, Kherson.

Airliner Antonov An-2 from its base in Odessa and practical range of 990 km can transfer 12 passengers to any airport or airfield of Ukraine and let reach main Ukrainian cities fast and comfortable avoiding long journeys on roads.

Cabin of Airliner Antonov An-2 equipped with 12 passenger seats upholstered in white leather of high quality so during the flight on a cruise speed of 150-160 km/hour passengers can relax or continue working on their business.

Airliner Antonov An-2 Charters | CabinPassenger cabin turned into a real business class jet with air conditioning, lighting and a toilet. The noise of the engine significantly reduced due to modern materials used in upholstery.

Aviation company in Odessa planned to organize private jet charters by routes: Odessa - Kyiv, Odessa - Zaporizhzhzya, Odessa - Kharkiv, Odessa - Dnipro, Odessa - Lviv, Odessa - Uzhgorod and other cities and regions of Ukraine are available to order private and group charters.

In addition to private and group charters Odessa Airlines plans to develop tourism in Ukraine and connect main tourist centers with each other by air. Is is planned scheduled flights: Odessa - Kamenetz-Podilskiy - Kolomyia - Odessa as well as promising flights: Odessa - Kherson, Odessa - Reni and Odessa - Vylkove. Once aviation business start growing the company plan to expand its fleet.

Airliner Antonov An-2 Charters | CabinAirliner Antonov An-2 Characteristics

Antonov An-2 - multipurpose biplane is used as an agricultural, sports, transport, passenger aircraft. This is one of the most popular aircraft in the history of aviation - all produced about 18 000 aircrafts. Antonov An-2 production continued until 2002 in Poland and now the aircraft continue to produce in China.

Antonov An-2 was recorded in Guinness Book of Records as the only aircraft which produce more than 60 years.

Aircraft designer Oleg Antonov who created aircraft Antonov An-2 have always believed that his best success in life is An-2. It is true because unpretentious An-2 worked during Soviet Union times in most remote locations, calmly land on the ground airfields and help millions of passengers reach needed destinations.

Organizers of Airliner Antonov An-2 Charters

Odessa Airlines
City: Odessa
Country: Ukraine

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