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Fabulous Parade of Baby Strollers 2013 | On 26th of May 2013 in Sevastopol, Crimea, Ukraine

Fresh Fest 2013 | Festival of Healthy Lifestyle| On 15th-22th of July 2013 in Sevastopol, Crimea, Ukraine

On 26th of May 2013 in Sevastopol, Crimea in Ukraine took place - Fabulous Parade of Baby Strollers 2013. - this year it was under the auspices of the fairy tales of the peoples of the World and to be called "Tales Guests".

Take part in Fabulous Parade of Baby Strollers 2013 could anyone with own child. Obligatory condition of the parade - the maximum correspond to the topics of parade. It was necessary to modernize the baby stroller, come up to baby costume and dress accordingly by the style of the selected tales. Also invited the support groups which can not only actively support the participants but also take the initiative to select the winners.

Judged according to several criteria:

- quality of made
- originality
- matching topic name
- the integrity of the composition.

Organizers of the event noted that the purpose of the parade - family cohesion.

The winners were chosen: Main Parade (children up to 3 years in buggies) and Mini Parade (children from 3 years and up to school age who were near the strollers). They received special prizes. The other participants were awarded with gifts.

Fabulous Parade of Baby Strollers 2013 was attended by fairy-tale characters of different nations of the World. Among them are: Rapunzel, Jean, Moidodyr, Masha (from the fairy tale "Masha and Bear"), Goldfish, Alice in Wonderland. A statement of Sevastopol children's dance team and the ability to draw with crayons outside the theater gave a fabulous day even more joy and a sense of the children's holiday.

Organizer of Fabulous Parade of Baby Strollers 2013 in Sevastopol, Crimea, Ukraine

Sevastopol Mothers Team
Sevastopol City Center
Sevastopol, Ukraine

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